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MCO Airport introduces a new way of searching.

Together with Orlando International Airport (MCO) we continue to improve the passenger experience. As part of this aim, we keep improving existing features and adding new ones that help passengers throughout their journey. Whether their looking for their gate or just want a quick bite before take off. With the latest addition to the MCO Airport App, passengers can easily find what they are looking for within seconds.

Search for products rather than shops

The new search functionality in the MCO Airport App offers a solution to passengers who know what products they are looking for, but don’t know where to find those. Let's say one another is looking for a new pair of headphones before taking off. By simply searching for ‘Headphones’ in the app, he will get a list of all shops selling headphones. How easy is that?

Together with MCO Airport we have listed all products and menus from airport shops and restaurants. This enables passengers to search for any product or dish. Searching for ‘Steak’? Then you will be provided with a list of all restaurants offering delicious steaks.

Already in the search results, the app shows passengers where shops and restaurants are located so passengers can easily decide which one is the nearest. Once a shop or restaurant is selected, the app navigates passengers to it.

Insights for the Airport

The MCO Airport App provides the airport with a list of most popular search terms and even with a list of search terms that lead to no search results. In this way, the airport is able to adjust the map according to the users’ behaviour. In this way, the interactive map will continue to improve.

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