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May we introduce to you: Sjaak

Last Friday we ended up in a bar after work. Like most Fridays. At the end of the night, the notorious problem came along: who is going to pay the bill? - or as we say in Dutch: ‘Wie is de Sjaak?’ The next morning our group chat was exploding: the great divide had begun. One comment after another flew by, from ‘Why do I need to pay for the beers? I was driving’ to ‘But I paid for the snacks.’ Fair enough, but these or not the kind of messages that make your hangover disappear.

Fortunately, we’ve got a new friend: Sjaak. Sjaak fits in our pockets and always pays close attention to what each of us spends. And the good thing is: he likes to join us when we go out. He then automatically divides our shared receipts and is chasing after our money when we ask him to.

Sjaak is the first app that really makes sharing bills easier. For friends, colleagues, family members, sport teams and all the others you sometimes share time and drinks with. Sjaak accurately divides receipts and calculates who owes whom. Like that, you’ll always have an overview of shared bills, without making complicated calculations yourself. And it’s not a problem anymore when someone only wants to pay for his glass of coke, while all the others went crazy on cocktails.


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The beginning of an orderly friendship

Sjaak did need a little help while realizing an app. It was very important for him the app would reflect his character. Sjaak is really accessible and reliable, just to name a few. We decided to catch these characteristics in a calm atmosphere, which we achieved by the use of the color blue. Blue not only calms, but also stands for reliability. But in addition to being accessible and reliable, it should also be fun to make use of Sjaak’s calculating skills.

The result is not a boring check book, but an app that interacts with its users in an easy going way. This sounds easier than it was for us to develop, since we had to take into account all different user scenarios possible. Thanks to the co-creation with a group of young people, we have found the right mix between fun and function. It was the starting point for developing the first app that really makes it easy to share bills. Sjaak is an app with a human touch and is all now. We will continue to improve the art of sharing bills, so no one will ever have to be the ‘Sjaak’ again. Except Sjaak.


Sjaak takes care of the bills, but how?

Here’s how simple it is: you install Sjaak on your smart phone, go through a few easy steps and then you’re ready to create a group with your friends. You can also create multiple groups - up to 50 people per group. It comes in handy every time you want to make a money pot for an event or make sure everyone spends about the same during a night out. When creating a group you’ll automatically become group admin. Adding new members to a group is simply done by sending them an invite straight from your contact list. Sjaak also makes it possible to invite people through WhatsApp, asking them to download the app if they don’t already have installed it.

The receipt-party can begin once a group is created. You do not have to wait until every single person has installed Sjaak. These laggards are just held non-active, but are certainly taking part in the great divide. Besides you, also the other members of the group will be possible to add receipts and share the total costs within the group. Taking a photo of the original receipt is all you have to do to add it to the payment request. With every receipt added, your balance will in- or decrease, depending on the payments that you have or have not yet made. You will also be able to see the balance of the other group members. In fact, all messages, updates, receipts and payments can be seen in the group chat. Only want to see a quick overview of the receipts? Just select the right filter at the top of your screen. You can filter by chats, receipts or payments.

Still owing money to your friends? With Sjaak you can easily do a payment by selecting one of the many banking apps. Already paid cash? No problem, just tell Sjaak. Yes, Sjaak also puts an end to the era of ‘...but I already gave you €10 last Friday.’

Waiting for a payment of one of the group members? And it’s urgent? No stress. Just tell Sjaak and he will make your friend pay. Sjaak keeps sending reminders until every one of you paid his share. And you will never have to bag for money again.


Download Sjaak

No one ever has to be the dupe again - or as we say in Dutch: de Sjaak. Download the one and only Sjaak now in the App Store for iOS or in the Google Play Store for Android. Fancy some extra Sjaak in your life? Follow this Photoshopfail on social media. You can find him at @nooitmeerdesjaak.

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