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The learning curve of an Android Developer at M2mobi

Michael is an Android developer at M2mobi. What interesting projects did he over the past five years, what did he learn from it and how does he continue to develop?

Millions of people use our apps intensively. That makes me very happy.

The apps we make are really widely used. Millions of users trust that all information is correct, and that that information is always within reach. Twenty-four hours a day. To be able to offer such a good user experience, you have to arrange a lot of complex things at the back. It requires a lot of knowledge and creativity to come up with elegant solutions. You also need confidence to make certain choices in your architecture. Yes, my confidence as a developer has grown enormously here in recent years. I know that I deliver real quality.

You work with very demanding customers who continuously force you to improve yourself.

For example, for the production of the AH-to-go app, we worked with a large team of professionals from different agencies. Hundreds of thousands of people have already used that app to shop. If you simply click on a product to add it to your basket, you don't realize how clever the underlying technology is. To really make that so simple, we often had to switch with the supplier of the hardware, for example. Very educational and challenging. Engineering the many requirements behind such a beautiful concept gives me satisfaction.

The unique working method of M2mobi guarantees quality and a very versatile workload

The ANWB Weg app was my first major project when I started here more than five years ago. That was also the moment that M2mobi introduced a new working method. With this method we ensure that our developers always make the same choices. This approach guarantees that we continuously deliver high quality. If you join here as a developer in an ongoing project, you understand almost immediately how everything works. This means that we can also easily switch between projects. My work is therefore even more varied and interesting.

The uncompromising focus on quality really sets us apart from other agencies.

We also audit code produced by other parties. Then you notice that our focus on quality is truly distinctive. Short cuts to save time and money are the rule rather than the exception. Of course, sometimes it is also the client who directs this. We always put our heels in the sand. We are very flexible and always think along with the customer, but do not make any compromises on quality. In those audits, I also see what happens if you do that: samples of code, which always cause problems later. Afterwards, customers are always happy with our choices.

My development as a developer is now entering a whole new phase.

Over the past five years, I've been given a lot of opportunities to develop here. If you clearly indicate which direction you want to go, M2mobi ensures that there is time and budget for this. Thanks to the knowledge and experience I was able to gain as a result, I have become an experienced and complete developer. I also supervise less experienced colleagues or interns. Nice to see that, thanks to my guidance, they develop new features independently or start running their own projects. It gives a whole new kind of satisfaction if I can also contribute to that development.

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