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Challenges as a Recruiter at M2mobi

The working day of a Recruiter at M2mobi

The position of recruiter at M2mobi is challenging. Through this blog I would like to give you more insight into what makes working as a recruiter at M2mobi different than at other (tech) companies. You get a better feel for our culture and the colleagues with whom you work (in)directly. I would like to take you through a day and let you read why this is a great job.

8:30 a.m.

I am usually in the office around 8:30 am, but we have flexible working hours between 8:00 am-9:30 am so sometimes I start earlier and sometimes later. The building is located on the IJ and from the 3rd floor you have an amazing view. This view is never boring! The office manager has already arrived together with a number of project managers and developers. I start CATS (our ATS) to see if new applications have come in. It would be nice if our recruiting campaigns on Instagram paid off. Yes! Some nice profiles have come in. I'm going to call these candidates this afternoon, because you have to be quick in this market.

9:00 a.m.

Everyone dives into a conference room, because the daily standups start. Every day the different project teams have a stand up to see how a project is progressing. Not everyone works at the office these days, so many colleagues log in from home. I'm already starting Linkedin and Google because I'm going to search for various functions. Finding the right M2mobi candidate remains a challenge, but 'Dare to excel' is a core value of M2mobi for a reason, so I have to be creative on the different platforms. I will also try a new platform that I have heard of from my network.

9:30 a.m.

Stand up with the HR manager. Every Monday morning we discuss what the week looks like, what you will do and what you will achieve. You then know from each other what you are doing. We consult about candidates, recruitment methods such as online campaigns and which vacancies have priority. My agenda for this week is filled again.


The stand-up also revealed which vacancies are not being responded to. As a recruiter, the vacancies are your responsibility and so I look for how I can improve the response. Many companies fish in the same candidate pond. Another core value of 'Learning Culture' comes out nicely here, because the nice thing about M2mobi is that you can test your own ideas.

I decide to slightly adjust a number of vacancy texts and consult with one of our designers for nice visuals for social media posts. Together with the marketing manager, we make a plan to give more exposure to current vacancies. We are doing well, so we are also immediately drawing up a plan for future vacancies. An online campaign for a vacancy is already running, so we look in Google Analytics to see how the results are and whether we need to adjust anything.

Another candidate comes in for a job interview at the office with one of our project managers (of course according to the Covid rules). I give her coffee and put her at ease. I always like to hear how it went after the interview.

12:30 pm

In the lunch Slack I read that we can have lunch. Every day the office manager makes a delicious lunch! We sit at a long table with different sandwiches, tasty spreads and the daily special. Now it is of course corona proof, in the near future I hope to sit at the table with everyone again. From here you can get lost in the view of the boats that are busy loading and unloading.

1:00 pm

This morning I saw in CATS that there were new candidates. I will call them and see if there is a match with M2mobi and if the function is clear. I give the candidates more information and I check whether it is clear what M2mobi does, but I would of course also like to hear more about the candidate himself.

People know that we build apps, but it's how we do it that makes the difference. I explain to the candidates that quality is important to us and that colleagues are critical of this. And I tell them that you get better with us, we make you better as a developer. And by the way also as a recruiter :-) I also have some ad hoc tasks such as phone calls in between and writing a piece for a post that will go online later in the week.

2:30 pm

Administration is also part of the job. I have spoken to nice candidates, one of whom should certainly talk further with our colleagues. I process my findings and the next steps of the candidates I just spoke to in CATS and start searching for candidates. Because I have a lot of contact with colleagues, I know what appeals to our way of working and what a candidate should be able to do for a specific position. This is how I ensure the right match with M2mobi.

Last week I approached many candidates, which has resulted in many responses. Glad we have good candidates! For the next day I plan a number of interviews via Google Meet.


Home, the day has flown by. I have done a lot to successfully fill the vacancies. Every day is different and on Friday we close with a short presentation about how the week has been and of course a drink because closing the week positively creates a positive 'Vibe' and that makes us who we are.

Are you a starter in HR/Recruitment? Do you enjoy being part of a great digital agency and hiring the best people for this? I would be happy to tell you more about the ins and outs. Read the vacancy here or contact me!

After reading this blog, do you think I want this job?

Then apply at M2mobi, and maybe you will soon be my new recruitment colleague. You can find the vacancy for Recruiter here.

After your application has been sent, we will always contact you within 1 week. We look forward to receiving your application!

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