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Waarom is de functie van software Tester cruciaal bij M2mobi?

I chose M2mobi because of its sharp focus on quality. Everyone shares that focus here.

As a tester at my previous employer, I also had regular contact with M2mobi. In my view, they were already really distinctive compared to other parties. Everything I got through them was 100 percent OK. So that stands out. When I was ready for a new step in my career, I immediately thought of M2mobi. It is very nice when you know that you deliver real quality to your customers. During my first week I asked one of our backend developers how we test our own software. He immediately showed me a dashboard with an overview of all test processes and green check marks. Look, I've never seen that so neatly arranged anywhere else.

As a software tester at M2mobi you are really a crucial part of the team.

In some companies, software testers are like a police officer. This is allowed, this is not allowed, this must be different. At M2mobi you are a natural part of the team. Of course, it starts with checking that everything works according to the customer's specifications. Here, however, you quickly learn to think along as much as possible. You challenge the developers and the product owner, you spar with them. This way you are really involved in the development process. You get the full confidence to think outside the box. What if you could also do this with that app, or change that? What does that mean for the user? That crucial role within the team makes me very happy.

Due to the close cooperation with all specialists, you can learn and grow very quickly here.

My colleagues are all talented specialists. Of course there is a difference in experience, but the culture is that everyone can and wants to learn from each other. For example, I regularly challenge the developers and the product owner, but I often get counteracted. Developers and product owners then give an insight into their world. They explain why they made certain choices, and why they would do it again. As a result, I continuously gain new insights. In this way I become more versatile as a tester, and I can also put myself better and better in their world. I think that willingness to learn from each other is an important factor in the high quality we deliver.

M2mobi has very challenging customers. You really play in the Eredivisie. I think that's important.

Maybe it shouldn't matter. Yet you often feel a little more motivated when you know that the app you are working on is used by a lot of people. And that with your ideas you make a valuable contribution to the experience of all those people. A good example is the Fit for Free app that I am currently working on. Due to the corona crisis, we have made continuous changes over the past two years. Gyms closed: how do we ensure that members stay active at home? Gyms open again: how do we prevent too many members from exercising at the same time? Then you have to switch very quickly, be creative but also think in technically feasible solutions. Here too you notice how powerful it is when the whole team is on the same wavelength.

Thanks to the demanding customers and intensive cooperation, you grow very quickly here.

To share all new insights, we have team meetings with all testers once a week. Then you share what you are working on, what new developments there were last week and what you have learned from them. It is always instructive to see how your colleagues deal with specific challenges. M2mobi also has a very structured working method. That is why we always check whether we can incorporate the learning moments of individual testers into the structural way in which we approach projects. Every tester can make a proposal for this, and must therefore substantiate that proposal for all his fellow testers. As a result, you will always continue to grow, personally and as a team.

Do you think after reading this blog, I want to work as a Software Tester Mobile at M2mobi?

Then apply here and maybe you will become our new colleague.

After your application has been sent, we will always contact you within 1 week. We look forward to receiving your application!

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