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Challenges as a Projectmanager at M2mobi

We see that the function Project Manager in each organization has a slightly different interpretation. To get an idea of how we fulfill this function at M2mobi, Niels described a day from his work as Project Manager at M2mobi. This gives you an insight into our culture and how we work together.

The working day of a Project Manager at M2mobi

8.30 AM

I arrive at the office. The day started with a pleasant ride on my bike. The sun is shining and Amsterdam is beautiful today. When I hop into the elevator I chat with one of the neighbors. We recently had a BBQ together.

1 dag als projectmanager stand upWhen I come upstairs I see the cargo boat of YinPin corp. transferring his soybeans through the large windows. Watching working people is never boring. We also work hard. Frederiek, our office manager replenishes the cappuccino milk. "A little patience though" she says cheerful.

There is a lot to do today so while I wait I unfold my MacBook and click on my Trello board. When I have determined my priorities for the day, my fellow Project Managers are already waiting for me in the boardroom. We start the day with a short daily stand-up to see what we are going to do and if we can help each other with something.

9.00 AM

Time for the real thing. We are working on a discovery process for one of our clients and today we present the storymap to the customer. Two weeks of intensive user research, crazy 8's and prototyping led to this result. Together with my creative colleagues from the design department, I went through a cool process in which we focused on the end user. In other words, Charlotte, as we have called her persona. During our presentation, the customer becomes visibly enthusiastic and comes up with many more ideas. We hit the right chord. Beautiful!

10.30 AM

When I have discussed the next steps in the planning with the client and the door closes behind him again, I have to withdraw behind my MacBook. I turn off my Slack and set up my concentration list (Spotify: "Piano in the Background"). We are preparing a pitch for a potential client and my job is to describe the way of working. We work according to Scrum, but in practice every client expects something different from this. It is therefore important to have a good story in advance why we choose our way of working.

1 werkdag als projectmanager lunch

12.30 PM

Before I know it it's already lunch time. In the "company lunch" slack is posted a dancing chicken because today we have eggs for lunch. A company-wide favorite in combination with the butcher's beef sausage or fillet Americain. The table is set and during lunch I spar with a colleague about what used to be the most senseless MSN abbreviation. Good times.

13.00 PM

Because my food baby is absorbing the necessary energy from me, I have decided that it's time for an administrative task. That is also important as a Project Manager at M2mobi. The month has just passed so I have to make up the final balance how many hours have been worked. This way I give my clients even more insight into what we have been working on last month.

In between I have a weekly call with one of my clients. This will be a difficult conversation. Due to the complications that arise with the integration of a new functionality, our planning is put under considerable pressure. We discussed this risk in advance, but it is still a major setback and the client clearly shows that she is disappointed. It's no coincidence that one of our core values is "we always deliver", so I made a plan for how we will overcome this hurdle. I end the call with a good feeling. We can continue.

15.00 PM

I roll up my sleeves, I grab an apple for thirst because I can put on my Scrum master cap again. Everything goes according to the Scrum guidelines for one of my clients. Wonderful if there is such good agreement about the process. Via Zoom the clients's Product Owner calls in and we discuss what can be done next sprint. Or better, the developers discuss it with the client. I ask clear questions and make sure that every point on the backlog is clarified.

17.00 PM

The day is as good as over. I invite a client for a call the next day and answer my latest Slack messages, put some Sharpies and Post-its in my bag. Tomorrow I will be in the office with a client all day.

17.30 PM

I jump on my bike and let my thoughts go on about the day. Today I spoke to several of "my" clients. That requires flexibility and reflection. The most challenging thing is to hit the right tone with every client. Some clients are very involved, others think everything is fine. Well, until just before the release. Then suddenly everything has to change. In addition, every company I enter has a different political atmosphere. I learn a lot about myself, but also about many corporates I enter. But in the end we all have the same goal: to create cool apps with many satisfied users.

The main tasks of a Project Manager at M2mobi.

A brief overview of what I think are the most important tasks of a Project Manager at M2mobi.

As a Project Manager at M2mobi:

  • You are good at managing multiple projects at the same time and you can also keep a good overview of them.
  • You are strong in communication so that you don't shy away from more difficult conversations with clients,
  • You like to work with the client instead of for the customer. You can also be found at the client's location or office.
  • You understand the need to follow the process and thereby implement the associated administrative elements.
  • Present your progress to your clients on a regular basis and discuss the next steps in the process together.
  • You speak fluent Dutch, because we work with internationals but a lot of our customers are Dutch.
  • You understand that you communicate differently with a developer than with a client. You adjust your communication accordingly so that you can perform your work as well as possible.
  • You are familiar with how Agile / Scrum works or are open to learning this.

Do you think after reading this blog, I want to work there too?

Then apply at M2mobi, and who knows, you may soon be our new Project Manager. You will find the vacancy for Project Manager here.

After your application has been sent, we will always contact you within 1 week. We look forward to receiving your application!

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