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DFW Airport: saving time with mobile food ordering

Whether you are in a hurry for your flight, or just want a relaxed trip, skipping the line at a restaurant is something everyone would like. Airports try to make the facilities they have to offer, such as the many restaurants, more accessible to its travelers. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) understands that convenience plays a big part in achieving this goal, as well as the contribution of mobile apps. In partnership with DFW Airport, M2mobi started looking for opportunities to enhance the passenger journey and create a more seamless experience.

Mobile food ordering

M2mobi developed the mobile application for DFW Airport, which is available for iOS and Android devices. The app has features such as up-to-date flight information and indoor wayfinding. In the app, DFW visitors can view a list of all restaurants, creating the desire to order directly from the DFW Mobile App.

‘Mobile Food Ordering’ is available on the DFW Mobile App from more than 20 restaurants which are connected to the Grab infrastructure. Customers can order food directly from the list of restaurants with the green “mobile ordering” icon. The app makes it easy to pay in advance and avoid the wait. Once the order successfully has been placed, customers receive a confirmation and the order will appear in their ‘order history’. Finally, the app navigates users to the restaurant of their choice, and all that’s left is to pick up their meal.

Passenger experience

Mobile Food Ordering is just one of the ways that DFW Airport wants to offer customers a smooth journey. The DFW App also has a personalized flight dashboard, live flight updates and indoor wayfinding.

Staying true to being user friendly experience was the most important feature during the implementation process. Together with DFW Airport, we will continue to improve Mobile food ordering, as well as the entire app, based on feedback. At M2mobi we find it important to continuously look for the latest technologies that can contribute to a smooth and relaxed journey. This is how we continue to innovate and provide travelers with an app that contributes to a stress-free journey.

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