M2mobi - Dubai Airports introduces new DXB brand and app
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Dubai Airports introduces new DXB brand and app

Delighting travellers the Dubai way. That’s what Dubai International’s new DXB brand is all about. The new branding has been introduced through all channels, both on- and offline. The rebranding also includes the introduction of the completely renewed app.

A smooth, enriching and uplifting experience

Together with the DXB website, social media and all other online channels, the Dubai Airports app is provided with a new look and feel. Vibrant colours and a new logo create a bold and distinctive brand identity. Not only did we translate the new branding into the app, we implemented a number of new features as well.

One of these new features is the addition of ‘Indoor Positioning’. Travellers can now easily find their way through the airport, creating an even smoother experience.

Dubai Airports app

Back in 2014 M2mobi was asked to develop a mobile strategy for Dubai Airports. We have been developing new features for the app ever since. And with result; the Dubai Airports app has been downloaded over 520.000 times. We are very proud of the work that we have been able to do for Dubai Airports and together with DXB we will continue to innovate.

Dubai Rebranding App Screens

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