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Fit For Free App now for everyone available!

In the past several weeks the world has changed a lot for everyone in a very short timeframe. Due to this new and changing situation, we have looked at the prioritization of the app together with Fit For Free in the past few weeks. Our focus is to ensure that the Fit For Free app continues to meet the needs of the users, even in these times.

Thanks to our good cooperation we can switch very easily and we have a new release ready on a very short term. In this blog we would like to tell you more about what you can expect from the latest update of the Fit For Free app.

About the Fit For Free app

The main goal of Fit For Free App is to help people develop a habit of exercise. They distinguish themselves by personalizing workouts. The app takes into account the wishes of users, so it may happen that your workout looks completely different from mine. Fit For Free regularly adds additional workouts and new virtual lessons to the app, ensuring that the offer remains fun and varied.

Download the app now! So you can start right away in your own living room. You can find the link to the Android and iOS app at the bottom of this blog.

What’s new?

We’ve added living room workouts, these workouts are specially made for the living room. These #livingroomworkouts are therefore perfectly suited to perform in small and compact areas indoor. This way we try to ensure that everyone - even now the gyms are closed - can stay fit with the help of professional workouts. At this moment you will find the first three living room workouts at the top of your workout overview. The workouts will be expanded further in the near future.

Fit For Free Virtuele lessen en woonkamer workouts in de app

Many new virtual lessons!

In addition to the new living room workouts, a large range of new virtual lessons has been added. Virtual classes are actually identical to taking a groups lesson at the gym. These are not personalized but they do provide a good variety and are additional to your workout schedule. These classes can be taken from any location that is suitable for you at the moment.

With this new update it’s now possible for non-members to take virtual lessons and workouts.

After this update you no longer have to go to a gym to stay fit. This fits in well with the current measures. But it’s also very nice that you can exercise at home if you have a busy week at work, or if you just don’t want to leave the house. Using the Fit For Free app you can be sure that you are following a professional workout or lesson! Even if your personal trainer is not there ;-)

Why do they give it for free?

Fit For Free has the mission to let everyone in the Netherlands age happily & healthy. So the widest possible audience can enjoy a good workout. You too can now get started with the virtual lessons and workouts of Fit For Free!

Achieve your sport goals now with the new Fit For Free app. No more excuses!

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