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From student to developer at M2mobi: Robby, iOS Developer

At M2mobi we work for national and international brands. From the world’s most famous beer brewer to one of the busiest airports in the world. This means that we are constantly on the lookout for the best developers and designers. And we believe that we can find them by looking for the starters of tomorrow. In the past years, many students have been able to develop themselves into a valuable force of the M2mobi development or design team. In this series of blog posts developers and designers talk about how they experienced their internship at M2mobi and how they eventually started as an employee. Robby, iOS Developer at M2mobi, tells all about his internship in this blog.


While searching for a graduate internship, I kept in mind that I eventually wanted to start working at the specific company as a developer. I have visited several companies. What really appealed to me at M2mobi was their focus on quality. During our first meeting, they noted that they would hire only the best students. I saw this as a motivation to prove myself. And with success.

During my internship I was able to spend the time needed to work on my thesis. Next to that I learned about all the company’s ins and outs, their way of working and their projects for some of the world's most famous brands. I enjoyed a good guidance at M2mobi; every week I sat down with my so-called buddy to discuss the progress of my thesis. What went well, what could have been better and what would be the goal for next week?

During my internship I was allowed to work on different brands, such as Heineken and Insinger Gilissen. Not as a trainee but as fully-fledged employee. I gained a better understanding of the development of iOS applications. From beginning to end.

As the end of my internship was approaching, I had to decide whether I would like to continue working at M2mobi, regardless of whether they wanted me to start as an iOS Developer or not. The deciding factor for me was their learning culture. As a developer you get a lot of freedom to develop yourself. From weekly meetings with the entire iOS team to ‘Developer Days’ where we explore and try out new developments and innovations. I immediately felt like a valuable part of the team. As a starting developer or designer, you will be assigned a buddy to help you get started during the first few weeks. I also think it is good that M2mobi adds great importance to the quality of their apps. We even prefer to postpone a deadline rather than hurry to deliver an applications or website. Only if an app or website really meets all quality requirements we decide to push it live.

It is a nice prospect that I will be able to continuously work with the latest technologies and devices. I am really looking forward to further develop myself as an iOS developer at M2mobi.

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