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AppIcon In the Netherlands 42% of the people have a smartphone. This number is doubled compared to last year. Horecava 2012 wants to show the visitors what the possibilities are of  'mobile communications' so Deli XL, KHN and M2Mobi have launched a unique, interactive QR game playable at the Horecava fair. Scan as many codes hanging throughout the fair as you can and win great prizes!

Unique for the Netherlands

QRgameHorecava Horecava annualy has more than 40,000 business people visiting. This year they can hunt for the correct QR codes, the "scavenger hunt.
One of the biggest events in the U.S., the Comic-Con already introduced this fair experience. It quickly became a huge success and now you can play the same game at the largest fair for the hospitality industry in the Netherlands. The production and implementation of the QR game was realized by a close partnership between M2Mobi, Deli XL and Royal Horeca Netherlands


QR stands for Quick Response and is a technique for getting quick access to mobile websites, text or video's. The striking square codes are popping up everywhere and offer a lot of opportunities for the hospitality industry. For example a QR code on the wine list can lead to a video of the respective winery. Or a QR code on the entrance with a personal message to entice guests to enter.


The Horecava QR game is an app that guides visitors around the Horecava fair. In each world there are QR codes that can be scanned with the app. With each scan the player earns points. By scanning all codes the player will complete his digital journey, and will be crowned "Globe-trotter" ("Wereldreiziger"). Each day, registered users are eligible to win great prizes. The first prize is a flight for two to a destination matching the fair's theme 'Boundless Hospitality' by Royal Horeca Netherlands.

App Download

Fair visitors with an iPhone or Android device can download the "Horecava" app from the Appstore and Android Market. It can be found by searching for 'Horecava'. Scanning the QR code on this page with your device will lead you to a download page where you will find a link to the appropriate store.

M2Mobi Horecava  M2Mobi Horecava

Playing the QR game

The game can be played from January 9th to January 12th 2012 at the Horecava fair. Once you've downloaded the app you can register yourself (username + e-mail address required), and you will be eligible to win prizes. You will also be visible on the leaderboard. Turn on push messages during the show to be informed of special promotions. After scanning a QR code, you can share your progress with friends using Twitter. Tweets made from the app are visible on the in-app Twitter-feed, which selects on the hashtags #qrgame and #horecava. The app is made possible by M2Mobi, Deli XL and Horecava.



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