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Proof of Concept: The Room Finder

All our meeting rooms are booked! But we have a great solution for that. We created a demo that we call 'The Room Finder' - which uses iBeacons to show if a room is booked or not. If the room is available you can book the room at the time you desire. If the room is currently booked - You can see who is in the meeting, what the booked times for this room are, the available facilities and if it concerns the lunch room - what today's special is. All from Google Calendar.



This proof of concept is a example of what is possible with iBeacons and derived from a project we did for Heineken where we facilitated indoor navigation hooked up with their issue tracking system to be used within their breweries.

What did we learn from this?

  • We have found that Apple has a restriction concerning the UDID’s that cannot be circumvented. Per app a maximum of 20 UDID’s can be present.
  • We have found that the initial setup and monitoring of beacons has a latency of about 10 seconds. Also exiting a region can take some time - this is about 30 seconds and is per Apple’ implementation. We have no influence in this, what so ever.
  • The actual configuration of the beacons is a very time consuming process as this has to be done per beacon. This process takes about 1.5 minutes per beacon. In a later stage it would be considered more optimal to create an app (desktop and /or mobile) to do this configuration.
  • The signal of the beacons is, per default settings, not very stable. Playing with the signal strength (RSSI), broadcasting strength and the advertising interval makes this more stable and thus more workable. for this PoC we have found the most optimal setting.

More about iBeacons in our blog: Is the hype over or just begun?

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