M2mobi awarded tender for Hong Kong International Airport mobile application.
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M2mobi awarded tender for Hong Kong International Airport mobile application.

M2mobi has been awarded the tender for the revamp of ‘HKG My Flight’ mobile application of the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). The resulting contract covers a period of multiple years, in which M2mobi will be responsible for the development and ongoing support of digital solutions. HKIA is one of the busiest airports in the world: the airport served more than 74.7 million passengers in 2018. HKIA has been leveraging digitalisation to enhance the passenger experience. The airport pursues this goal with the help of M2mobi’s Digital Airport Platform, which has been deployed at multiple airports already, such as Dubai International Airports and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

‘HKG My Flight’ Mobile Application

HKIA strives to deliver memorable journeys for its passengers through the ‘HKG My Flight’ mobile application. The mobile application will combine different information and functions of the airport, from different shops and restaurants to car park, wayfinding, and more.

M2mobi will work closely with Automated Systems Limited (ASL) as a local partner in Hong Kong. In this way we will be able to have local presence in Hong Kong. ASL has a distinguished and proud reputation of more than 40 years of successful business in Hong Kong in IT and digital solutions. Therefore, a trusted local support. The combined experiences of both ASL and M2mobi will form a solid basis for delivering successful digital solutions.

Digital Airport Platform

M2mobi’s Digital Airport Platform (DAP) is a digital solution that drives smart passenger journeys at airports. It covers all digital channels and is designed with a modular and scalable approach that makes it easily adaptable to the need of any airport.. This digital package provides airports with all essential digital airport communication features and offers advanced innovations on top. It is a modular all-in-one solution that sets a new industry standard.

DAP sets a new standard of omni-channel communication with passengers. An airport can manage all digital channels and content with a single solution and ensure that its content is always consistent and up to date.

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