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M2mobi introduces a new digital platform for the airport industry

With more than eleven years of experience in creating digital solutions for international airports, it is now time to blaze a trail. M2mobi introduces a digital all-in-one solution, scalable for every airport and market ready within three months.

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The stress of traveling

People are traveling more and more every year. And whether they are traveling for vacation, business or any other purpose, it can be a stressful undertaking. Getting to the airport, unexpected waiting times, a last-minute gate change and delays. Just a few situations that can be stressful even for the best-prepared traveler. Increased security waiting times, an overload of information, and many other factors have made traveling quite stressful in recent years.

On the other hand, we see airports trying to make all facilities as accessible as possible in order to provide a more pleasant journey and to generate revenue. With consumers ordering online and expecting a personal approach nowadays, we believe that an optimal use of digital tools could both prevent passenger stress and help airports monetize their facilities. And that is why we developed a new scalable digital solution for the airport industry.

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Digital Airports Platform

DAP (Digital Airports Platform) is a digital solution that drives smart passenger journeys at your airport. It covers all channels and is designed with a modular approach that makes it easily adaptable to your airport needs. Our foundation package provides airports with all essential mobile airport communication features. It is an all-in-one solution that sets the industry standard.

DAP responds to the importance of communication with your passengers. You can manage all your channels and content with a single solution and ensure that this content is always up to date as well.

As travel retail is entering the digital age, our digital solution helps you monetize your airport’s shops, restaurant, cafes, and parking facilities. Only by providing your passengers with a personal approach - and by combining the online shopping with the offline experience - you can add value to all the facilities your airport has to offer.

Why do we need a platform for this?

Thanks to our extensive experience with airport clients we found that even though every airport is unique, there are several overlapping functionalities for which we can build a digital foundation. We wanted to accelerate these essential building blocks so we can really pay attention to the uniqueness of each airport. Instead of spending most of an airport budget on the basics, we can now deliver this efficiently and focus more on innovation and sense of place.

Your smart assistant

DAP functions as your own smart assistant on all digital channels. Scalable for every airport and market ready within three months. With DAP you only pay for what you need and upgrade when you want. Need to scale to larger user numbers? Connect third party services? Or even add custom upgrades? It is all possible within your own digital platform, with its own backend.

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