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M2mobi proud sponsor of Appdevcon 2019.

M2mobi is sponsoring Appdevcon, a conference by app developers, for app developers. With over 350 attendees, the conference covers multiple tracks: from design & inspiration to Apple and Google Tech. From cross-platform to backend. Our developers have taken a closer look into the schedule of this year’s conference. Which topics are still in their infancy? Of which tools and software do we underestimate their power? And how could we improve our own development process? Our top 5 covers almost every track, from iOS to Android.

So you want to build an ARKit app
Friday, 11:00 - Room 9
ARKit has shown how AR can be integrated into apps to make them more engaging and fun. Earlier we described the limitations of Apple’s ARKit in our blogpost. How’s the situation now? How does ARkit deal with complex surfaces? We hope to find out during this talk.

Zero to App: Introduction to Building Apps for the Google Assistant
Friday, 13:15 - Room 13
Learn to build for voice first so you can easily surprise and delight your users on hundreds of millions of devices through the Google Assistant. At M2mobi, we already developed a voice-first app. How did other developers experience a voice-first development?

I exchanged RxJava for Coroutines, why and how
Friday, 14:10 - Room 10
This talk is one for the Android developers. Are we making use of RxJava its full potential and power? Is RxJava as difficult as it looks? And how do we use Coroutines to the fullest?

Building your own IoT Assistant
Friday, 14:10 - Room 13
How awesome would it be to be able to build your own smart device? You could be able to instruct it to do exactly what you need it to do, pair it to whatever you want, have full control over it, and so much more.

Code Reviews – Establishing a Quality Culture
Friday, 15:15 - Room 12
Writing code is a combination of creativity and logic. Every developer wants to make sure their work is feature-perfect, bug-free, and provides a delightful experience to the end user.

Take a look at the full schedule here.

Say hi!

With over 10 developers, from Android to iOS, we’ll be more than happy to have a chat with you, demonstrate one of our apps or just have a beer at the end of the day together.

Are you a mobile native? We’re looking for an Android Developer and Junior iOS Developer. Any questions? Just give us a call or pass by at Appdevcon on Friday.

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