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Meet Machiel 👋🏻

Hi, I'm Machiel! Recently I started working for M2mobi as a UX/UI Designer. Before I started at M2mobi I worked a few years as a Digital Designer at a Salesforce partner in Amsterdam. There I worked on websites, web shops and own apps, including the new Cruyff Classics webshop.

What do you do at M2mobi? 🤷🏼‍♂️

As a UX / UI Designer I am mainly involved in developing user-friendly flows for the best (mobile) user experience. Stunning apps that are also well put together? Let's do this!

Why M2mobi? 🤘🏼

After years on the business side, it was time for a new challenge on the agency side. M2mobi offers me a permanent workplace in a great office and I get the opportunity to develop myself further as a mobile UX Designer. They also have a great portfolio, they focus on mobile first AND there is a lot of knowledge and quality on board. At M2mobi we make beautiful things and it makes me very proud that I contribute to that!

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