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Meet Duy

Hi, my name is Duy. I’m currently 26 years old, living in Hoorn. A paragraph is not enough to describe me, but I suppose ‘dynamic’ comes closest to who I am as a person. I have a wide range of interests which include long boarding during summer, reading books in my spare time, going to the gym, playing and watching football and learning new productivity tips to get myself on the next level and work more efficiently. On top of that I am a huge desk setup enthusiast. Wonder what that is? Check out the following hashtags on Instagram: hashtags #desksinspiration, #productivespaces, #deskstyling, #desksetup, #minimalsetup, #workspacegoals of #designyourworkspace. And of course, follow me on: @10.act

What do you do at M2mobi?

I’ve been working as an iOS developer and auxiliary Android developer, but at M2Mobi, I’ll be focusing 100% on iOS development which I’ve always loved to do. So far, I’ve had the pleasure of working on Insinger Gillissen. An innovative, secure and user-friendly payment app. Very cool.

Why M2mobi?

Over the last few years I’ve primarily been as a solo developer without direct colleagues. With M2Mobi I work in a team of real mobile natives, who challenged me to the max from day 1. The perfect place to develop further.

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