Meet our new interns Jeroen and Felipe.
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Meet our new interns Jeroen and Felipe

We're at the beginning of March, so our interns are already working at our office for one month now. Well introduce them to you! On the left side you'll see Felipe, he started as an intern iOS developer. And on the right side is Jeroen, he started as an intern Android developer.


Jeroen is back again! He has been at M2mobi before for his theme semester, and he returned for his third year internship of his Software Engineering education at the University of Amsterdam.

Why do you choose M2mobi again and what do you hope to learn?

I think that interns at M2mobi are very well supervised. Before I did an internship at another company, but that cannot be compared with what M2mobi has to offer to her interns.

Another benefit why I chose for M2mobi is that I can pick my own project assignment. This way you can work on something that has your interest. My interest is at developing a good software architecture. Besides that I want to learn how to write a code of good quality. I started at the beginning of february and in this first month I already learned new things.

Where are you working on?

At this moment I’m working on a project of a client, this way I get a chance to learn how to work together in a team and working on a ‘real’ project. We’re busy with adding a new feature on an existing app. If this goes live it will be used by thousands of people. I think that’s really cool!


Felipe is completely new at M2mobi. He also studies Software Engineering at the University of Amsterdam and is in his second year. He has a focus on iOS development. He started also one month ago and his internship ends at July of this year.

Why do you choose M2mobi again and what do you hope to learn?

At our University they organize a internship market, this way I get in touch with M2mobi. They told me that they’ll give students a lot of possibilities to grow and learn during the internship. M2mobi stood out because they seem like a very professional company. You can be sure that you will learn a lot, and that the quality is of a certain standard.

Where are you working on?

At this moment I don’t have a lot of knowledge of app development. I’m hired as an intern iOS developer, and at this moment I’m working on a special assignment where I'm learning the basics of app development. As I completed this assignment, I’ll also be working on ‘real’ projects. I like it very much that during this internship I can combine working and learning, so I can expand my knowledge of Mobile development. I think it’s super cool that M2mobi offers me this opportunity, maybe I’ll be back for my following internship!

Your internship at M2mobi?

Do you also want to be an intern at M2mobi so you can work and learn here? That’s possible! We accept interns every semester (February and September). We’re looking for interns in multiple functions such as: iOS and Android developers, but also Back-end developer, UX designers and Mobile software testers. Are you interested in an internship and you think you can handle our level? Please apply via our open application form.

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