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Mobile Passport Control at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Passengers traveling through Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW Airport) can now get through customs even faster, thanks to a new Mobile Passport Control (MPC) function in the already existing DFW app. MPC speeds up the monitoring process, prevents congestion and ultimately reduces waiting times.

Your digital passport

With Mobile Passport Control, U.S. and Canadian citizens who downloaded the DFW Airport App (Android and iOS) can easily scan their passport data with the app. This can be done in two ways, either by scanning the code at the bottom of their passport or by manually entering their passport data. Users can complete their "profile" by taking a picture of themselves. Once a profile is successfully created, users only have to answer five standard questions, as they are always asked by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) when travelers enter the country. What is your reason for visiting? Do you have something to declare at customs? Et cetera.

As soon as passengers have completed these steps, the app sends their data to the CBP, which will give them back a personal QR code. This code functions as a ticket to a special, faster express lane - the MPC line. As passengers wave their phone over a scanner once it is their turn, the CBP Officer can already see their filled in data. He may ask some additional questions, but then the passenger is good to go.

Safety first

Improving the passenger experience should not stand in the way of the overall passenger safety. The implementation of Mobile Passport Control therefore had to be realized as accurately as possible. After all, it is the passport and thus the identity of a traveler. MPC must therefore comply with all the rules of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

In order to help ensure the safety of passengers traveling through DFW Airport, MPC has been tested extensively. Within the app itself, MPC is also protected with a personal account of the user. So, if a user loses his phone, this does not mean that his passport is exposed to anyone who finds it. MPC is constantly monitored in order to ensure maximum safety.

Travel. Transformed.

With its mobile strategy, DFW Airport wants to embrace its ‘Travel. Transformed.’ philosophy and thus meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's travelers. As a digital airport, DFW aims to make use of all digital possibilities to provide travelers with a stress-free journey. The implementation of Mobile Passport Control - and with that reduced waiting times at customs - contributes to this.

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