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Mobile Reboot: Indoor Wayfinding

AppIcons512x512 Indoor positioning and mobile indoor wayfinding has been seen as the frontier of innovation for a long time. But can it deliver the user value that is often associated with it at the current state of technology? What are these user values, and how can they be solved differently? And also, which benefits might arise from being able to know one’s location indoors that we didn’t see yet?

These kind of questions were the subject of presentations, talks, demo’s, and discussions during our Mobile Reboot past Monday.

We started by laying out the basics of indoor navigation: the problem of people not knowing where to go and discussed its current solutions. A big part of today’s discussions is the business model that can cover the huge investment of laying down the infrastructure for indoor postitioning and which specific infrastructure to choose (wifi, bluetooth, etc). We however wanted to focus our reboot not on this, but more on the services on top of this infrastructure and the benefits this can have for different stakeholders.

Then we went into our latest findings with the AMC project where we have to guide people inside buildings without the merits of indoor positioning.

After that Hans Koolmees told us about the interest in indoor position from supermarket chains, the tests they have done and the obstacles sill in place for not having rolled out anything significant in this area. After that we had a demo of indoor positioning in our office from Mathieu from Insiteo. It used bluetooth beacons for iPhone and WIFI for the Android devices.

Then we had an insprirational talk from Jurjen from Schiphol Telematics about guardian angels, and more broadly where he thought new technologies would take us.

From a user perspective is a lot of times easier to just look at the signs or ask somebody where to go. Therefore it is the combination of services that can deliver a smart advise to the end user. Finally, when the user has found his destination getting him there is the final step. So indoor positioning and wayfinding will never be the killer app that is going change the world, but it will be an add on to many apps that are already very useful to many people.

Thanks to those attending!

Mijksenaar – Rosanne van Enk

Mijksenaar – Fred Inklaar

Schiphol – Jurjen Braakhekke

Ahold – Hans Koolmees

KLM – Mike Vernooij

Ranzijn – David Zwanenburg

Ranzijn – Jim Zwanenburg

M2Mobi – Michiel Munneke

M2Mobi – Sebastiaan de Stoppelaar

M2Mobi – Stephanie Mossel

NPC – Hermen Jan van Ree

Insiteo – Mattheu Delas


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