Move4Mobile and M2mobi will merge to become the largest Dutch mobile agency.
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Move4Mobile and M2mobi merge to become largest Dutch mobile agency

Move4Mobile and M2mobi will merge to become the largest Dutch mobile agency. The merger will enable an increased focus on the international mobile market. Their combined portfolio already includes clients like Quintet Private Bank, G-Star, ENGIE, Rabobank, Timing, Univé, Ahold, SNS and the international airports of Hong Kong and Dallas Fort Worth.

For these and many other organizations, the quality of their mobile applications is a critical business success factor. Many have already adopted a mobile first strategy. As a result, demand for specialized agencies capable of creating premium mobile experiences built on advanced digital platforms is sharply increasing. With their merger, Move4Mobile and M2mobi respond to the growing demand.

Scale and expertise

“Customers like Ahold, Quintet Private Bank or ENGIE require ever-larger teams of experts that are already extremely difficult to find,” says new CEO Robert Kosse. “You can only bind those sought after professionals to your organization with a continuous flow of challenging projects. As the largest native app developer in the Netherlands, we can guarantee that flow for now and in the future.”

Personalized experiences

Kosse identifies a clear trend where mobile applications channel increasingly complex data flows. “For example, our airport apps not only offer data about flights, but also options for making purchases, booking parking spaces or finding the check-in counter with the shortest line. This kind of personalized airport experience requires a great deal of specialized knowledge and also creativity.”

Domain expertise

According to Kosse, domain expertise is another critical success factor. “That applies to both your clients’ business challenges and the needs of their customers. This also enables you to produce actionable data from extensive data sets. Our combined companies are specialized in areas such as finance, consumer brands, the energy market, digital services and eCommerce platforms.”

New management

Both companies will operate under their own names until the summer. The new management consists of Robert Kosse (CEO), Stephan van Leeuwen (CFO) and Jan Gerard Gerrits (Corporate Development). Commercial director Paul Fellinger (Move4Mobile) will also take up this position at M2mobi. Herbert Bosscher is the new Managing Director of Move4Mobile, Mike Smolders will be Managing Director at M2mobi.

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