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Newsapps for reliable news

News is extremely important to us, especially now that we are dealing with a severe pandemic. We expect news to be reliable, unfortunately 'fake news' is increasingly being distributed. The distribution of this fake news is very fast nowadays via social media. Last year, 56% of people indicated that they do not trust news that is distributed via social channels. This number is expected to increase further (, 2017). The same survey also shows that 63% of people experience news through news apps as more reliable.

The fact that people are looking for reliable news is also reflected in the use and number of downloads of the news apps of the Regional Public Broadcasting. We see, for example, that there is a 100% growth in the number of downloads of the regional news apps in March 2020 compared to the previous month.

In one month the number of push notifications is increased with 75%.

The numbers also show that the RPB apps are used daily, on average the news app is opened about 45 times a month. This is an average of 1.5 times a day, here we also see an increase because last month this average was still 1x per day.

We also see that users like to be informed directly via the RPB apps when there are new developments. In March for example, we see an increase of 113 million push notifications compared to February. This is an total increase in push notifications of 75%.

The white label apps that M2mobi has developed for the Regional Public Broadcasting are thus demonstrably more relevant within our society.

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