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Our newest colleagues introduce themselves to you

We have four new colleagues added to our team, they will introduce themselves to you in this blog. They will tell you all about their hobbies and their new function and also why they chose to work at M2mobi.


Donyell blog nieuwe medewerkers I'm Donyell, 26 years old and born and raised in Haarlem. In 2017 I finished my study in informatics and since then I work as a fulltime Android developer. Besides programming I love to go to the gym. I also like to travel around the world, my favorite place of earth is around the Caribbean Sea.

What do you do at M2mobi?

I already work a few years as a native Android developer. At M2mobi I will also work as an Android developer. I started to develop at the Burgernet project, and so far I like it very much.

Why M2mobi?

I was looking for a company that worked on several projects at once. This way the work doesn't get boring, and the changes are higher that I get to work with multiple people. Besides this I was searching for a place that I could learn from other developers. Since I'm in a team of ten other Android developers, I am very confident this will work out just fine.


Damiano blog nieuwe medewerkersHi, my name is Damiano. I'm 27 years old and come from Amsterdam. I'm originally from Nijmegen, Eindhoven and Alkmaar. So I already lived in many places. I'm used to move around and therefore I love to travel. For my study I worked and lived for six months in Xi'an, China. Working as a developer behind the computer is physically a pretty lazy job, so I value an active lifestyle after work. For example I love to go running/jogging outside or training at the gym. In my other spare time I love to watch a show or movie of play some games. I also like to read good literature, philosophy or history. In the weekends i'm always going out with friends.

What do you do at M2mobi?

I'm a mobile developer with a broad experience in native and cross platform development. At M2mobi I'm starting as a native Android developer. The first project I'm participating in is the Hong Kong Airport Android app. A logical start because of my work experience in China.

Why M2mobi?

As a mobile Developer I have always trained and developed myself as broadly as possible in my career. After a few years of experience I've decided to fully commit and focus on the Android platform in native development. The reason for this is because I like the Kotlin language and I feel like Android development is more diverse and challenging. The main reason I chose M2mobi is because they are a specialist in the field of mobile and they focus on native development. Besides this the work- & learning culture and the continuous pursuit of quality really appealed to me.


Evan blog nieuwe medewerkers My name is Evan, 20 years and a brand new resident of Amsterdam. Originally I'm from Hengelo, but for my internship I've temporarily switched this beautiful region for the bustling Amsterdam. Not a bad deal, if I may say so. In my spare time I like to put on my running shoes to run through Amsterdam.

What do you do at M2mobi?

At M2mobi I started as an Android development intern. Because the M2mobi team is very talented and has a lot of experienced developers, I expect to develop my Android skills even further. I look forward to contributing to the projects of M2mobi in the next coming 6 months.

Why M2mobi?

Development of native apps has always been a passion of mine. This was confirmed during my studies. The Android platform is the most appealing to me because I'm a fanatical Android user. M2mobi positively stood out because of their focus on mobile. It seemed awesome to work for a company that shares my passion for mobile. Furthermore, the challenges that come with working for large companies and the challenging projects really appeal to me.


Anoush blog nieuwe medewerkersMy name is Anoush. I'm 20 years old, I live in Enkhuizen and travel as much as possible to Amsterdam to study, do fun things and now also for my internship at this awesome company. If i'm not at school or work I enjoy going out to the movies, bake a pie or go out with some friends.

What do you do at M2mobi?

The next coming 6 months I'm going to commit to all the designing questions I receive at M2mobi. As a UX intern I hope to learn as much as possible and extend my knowledge in mobile design to the fullest.

Waarom M2mobi?

During my study Communication & Multi Design I often made designs for several devices. Designing for mobile got my attention because of the many opties that it offers. M2mobi is fully focused on native apps and this is for me the opportunity to grow into the designer I want to be.

Are you interested in a job at M2mobi and do you have a valid work permit for the Netherlands? Look up our open vacancies here. We are always looking for mobile natives!

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