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Say hi to our new interns

It's September, which means we can welcome our new interns. From left to right: Quirine (UX design), Caspar (Android) and Skip (iOS) will join us for the next five months to learn everything about their discipline. A brief introduction:

Hi Quirine

Quirine studies Communication & Multimedia Design at the Hogeschool Utrecht. Within this study she chose for a specialisation in UX Design.

Why M2mobi and what do you hope to learn?

I consciously chose for a ‘commissioning’ agency. I want to work on different apps, rather than just one, so I can gain more experience. At M2mobi, I get the chance to work on a wide range of projects for big international clients.

I hope to learn as much as possible about UX Design. From the right user flow and wireframes, to usability testing. I like how technology allows us to create experiences. Especially through mobile.

Any hidden talents?

I always thought Mario Kart was my hidden talent, until I got beaten on my first friday drinks here at M2mobi. That was something I didn’t expected… In addition, I love art and culture. The Cineville Pass (dutch movie pass) and the Museum Year Pass are my best friends.

Hi Caspar

We’ve seen Caspar’s face before here at M2mobi. Last year, with three other students, he followed the minor Mobile Development at our office. And that was something Caspar enjoyed.

Why M2mobi and what do you hope to learn?

During my minor I was at the M2mobi office a lot. I enjoyed the working atmosphere and the operational way of working. Unfortunately, due to my minor, I did not get the chance to learn more about the projects M2mobi works on. As I wanted to learn more about working on these projects, I decided to choose for an Android internship at M2mobi.

I hope to learn how to work with structure within these major projects. The work and results you can accomplish with a close and relatively small team is just impressive.

Any hidden talents?

I have been playing guitar for three years now. It’s nice to play some for a change when developing. I also like sports and of course you can find me at parties with my friends.

Hi Skip

Skip joins our iOS team and studies ICT at the Hogeschool Leiden. Prior to his study, Skip was already interested in developing programs and therefore chose for a specialization in Software Engineering.

Why M2mobi and what do you hope to learn?

I was, and I am still, very curious what working at an agency would be like. I like structure and working within a team. These two come together during my internship at M2mobi. Just to give an example, both within the iOS and Android team, everyone is checking each other’s code. In this way, I get a lot of feedback and learn how to develop better.

At M2mobi, I hope to set a good foundation for myself in terms of coding and working within a team. And of course, it’s great to see how the apps are built for our clients.

Any hidden talents?

Yes, in between developing I love to play the piano. Unfortunately, I don’t think my colleagues will be so happy when I take my piano to the office haha… Gaming, playing piano and developing, I’ll be happy to spend my vacation with these three.

Internship at M2mobi

If you are looking for an internship where you can work on cool projects, where you discover your limits and develop yourself, then you have come to the right place. Keep an eye on our jobs page for any vacancies.

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