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Happy Thanksgiving

Every country has its own traditions. In the Netherlands Thanksgiving is not something that many people celebrate. Since we are working for the Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) however, this holiday soon became super important for us. When we started with the project in June, it became clear that we had to launch the first release just before November 26 - Thanksgiving 2015. This all American holiday is a big thing in the States and DFW Airport was planning a large campaign to introduce the new app at the start of the holiday season.

And so it happened! Even a little bit early. On November 17, 2015 the new DFW app was born in Amsterdam. She weighs around 17MB and currently speaks 2 languages. You can visit her anytime you want at the Apple Store or Google Playstore. She doesn’t sleep so visit her as many time you want.

Holiday tip: To incorporate the holiday spirit in the app, we have hidden some nice holiday shopping tips in the app. So download the app, go to the map icon in the Shop, Dine, Services section and type in "find holiday spirit". Found your gift? Be thankful and share your holiday experience via social with DFW with the hashtag #DFWFindJoy.

ThanksgivingAs we have a lot to be thankful for and to really get in the authentic American holiday spirit we celebrated Thanksgiving today: M2mobi style. In Amsterdam everyone in the office gathered around 2 lovely smelling turkey’s covered in juicy gravy and raised our glasses of cranberry juice. “Cheers team for all your hard work, we are very proud of the result.” And of course we would also like to thank the team from DFW in Texas. It was a pleasure to work with you and we hope we can celebrate many more successes together.

Happy holidays! Floor Brink - Project Manager at M2mobi

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