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Rik and Sergio - our new interns

The new academic year has started and M2mobi has recruited some talented new interns for both the Android and iOS team. And all though these two kamps compete a lot of time, these two guys also have quite a lot in common. Let us introduce to you: Rik and Sergio.

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Rick is here to expand and improve his professional skills: 'At M2mobi I want to learn all about iOS development and I think an internship at M2mobi is the best place to learn this really well. I am hoping to sucessfully end my internship as an high skilled iOS developer with a lot of extra knowledge about this discipline. Improving development is also Sergio’s main goal: 'At M2mobi I would like to learn all the ins- and outs about Android development. Therefore I want to expand my knowledge on app development for Android even more. I think this is definately possible at M2mobi and I'm looking foreward to the upcoming six months.

We are glad that we can give these two students insight in the world of mobile agencies the upcoming half year and to show them what it's like to develop high quality apps for big brands. And ofcourse we won’t forget to include them in M2mobi drinks and events!

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