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Since Februari the M2mobi team is supported by the new interns Michael, Inge, Jordy, Alessio, Maren and Ruben. Six students, each with their own talents and disciplines. M2mobi thinks it is important to offer these young specialists in training an opportunity to develop themselves. In addition, they are trained according to the latest guidelines and with a focus on the latest technologies. This gives us an opportunity to also learn from them. Therefore, we gladly introduce these new faces to you.

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    Our first intern is Michael, he supports the Android team. 'I am studying software engineering, part of the Computer Science program. My passion is programming and technics. Therefore, I was already practising with developing Android apps at home. I’ve already had a lot of classes in Java at school, but haven't learned much yet about Android developing. In this challenging internship I hope to learn a lot about programming for Android and how an app is created, step by step'

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    'Hi, I am Inge! A CMD (Communication and Multimedia Design) student at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, where I’ve specialized myself in UX Design. This fits well with the User Experience Design internship I do here. At M2mobi I want to see how things work in a professional working environment. Of course I also hope to learn a lot about UX Design itself. M2mobi is currently doing and did some great projects for well known brands. In addition, I really liked the working environment at M2mobi: everbody seems friendly and interested. The open workspace made me feel welcome!'

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    Jordy is also studying CMD at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. He’s doing an internship as Quality Manager. 'I wanted to do my internship at M2mobi because of their impressive portfolio. In particular the Indoor Wayfinding cases for big brands like Schiphol and DFW attracted me. In addition, M2mobi won some prizes for their apps, which says something about their work. Therefore M2mobi seems to offer a very interesting internship to me. At M2mobi I hope to learn more about everything around UX Design. In my first weeks, I’ve already gotten to know many useful tools.'

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    'Hi, I am Alessio, the new marketing intern. You will regularly see something from me on social media, the website or in the newsletter. Next to helping the marketing team from M2mobi, I’m also here for my thesis. I am in my last year of the study Commercial Economics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In addition to the commercial discipline, I like to design. This was one of the main reasons why I wanted to do my internship at M2mobi. As a freelancer I design complete brand identities and illustrations.'

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    M2mobi got support of another female intern: Maren. 'I am studying software engineering at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and I am here as an iOS developer intern. One of the main reasons I wanted to do my internship at M2mobi is because they’re working with Swift. This already caught my interest for a while, especially after I did a Swift project at school. At M2mobi I saw an opportunity to learn more about this and to take my skills to a higher level. At M2mobi I’m able to work in a team and have the support I need.'

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    'I am Ruben and I am supporting the backend team at M2mobi. I am studying software engineering at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, just like Maren and Michael. At M2mobi i saw an opportunity to immerse myself completely in the world of backend. What I like about backend? It is very specific and complex. Backend doesn’t let u directly see the problem, you have to find out yourself. This can be seen as an big challange and asks a lot of testing, but that’s what I like about it. M2mobi caught my attention with their airport applications, well skilled programmers and their portfolio. Working in an environment with all these young people was also a determinable factor for me.'

We wish all of the six interns a lot of fun during their internship and hope that they can learn a lot at M2mobi. We're expecting to also learn a lot from them: Two-way communcation!

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