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We are Mobile Natives.

M2mobi consists of a group of enthusiastic 'mobile natives' who are passionate about making smart applications. Involvement and a good working atmosphere is indispensable to this.

Our company’s culture and personality are defined by our core values: Dare to Excel, Always Deliver, Vibe and Learning Culture. You’ll see these core values within all activities of M2mobi, from app releases to our team. They provide us with a final ‘go or no-go’ test for all our behaviours and decisions by everyone at M2mobi.

Dare to excel

Take one step further. Be yourself and excel on your unique strengths. This makes us different, unique, and it makes us a winning team. Don’t take the status quo for granted. Don’t be average. Get out of your comfort zone and surprise everybody by taking a step further. Do the unexpected. Don’t worry if you fail, everybody will appreciate you tried. If you don’t you’re not learning.

Always Deliver

Deadline is a deadline. We release and deliver. On time. On quality. No excuses. This does not mean we are a sweatshop and work crazy overtime. It means we have a continuous and realistic communication about what gets done when. The closer we get the more certainty we can give. We work in partnership with our clients and a delivery, as big or small as it is, is always a reason to celebrate.


We’re a bunch of unique and strange individuals and we carry a special vibe with us. We’ve been told. This vibe, when used in the right way, makes us thrive. Just like the force. When used wrongly, it can seriously harm us. So one needs to learn how to use it with caution.

Learning Culture

The sacred art of creating smart and polished apps takes craftsmanship. To be on the bleeding edge of what’s possible we need to be in continuous movement. We’re in an age of lifelong learning. If you don’t fall you’ll never learn to walk. Making mistakes is part of learning. Do new things, try something different. Always sharpen the saw: read from, listen to, and got to see inspirational thought leaders that can take us further. Share learnings with colleagues. Give and receive feedback to and from each other to foster personal growth. Take time to help each other learn and grow.

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