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Internet of Things: House of the future

Nowadays, more and more devices are connected to the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic and an increasing number of companies seem to want to make their products and devices ‘smart’. But, what exactly is a smart device? And how can smart devices help us in our daily lives?

Together with Bosch Siemens, IAB organized an event about the Internet of Things to listen and talk all about IoT. M2mobi and ING were invited to talk about what they are doing with IoT and what our vision is for the future. During the event we got a sneak peek into the brand-new Inspiration House at Park 20/20. Here you can find the newest and smartest devices, from ovens to refrigerators, all connected to an app.

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What are smart devices?

You have probably seen the advertisements about the smart thermostat or smart lawn mower. But, when do we speak of a smart device? Smart devices are connected to the internet (Internet of Things) and mutually exchange information. They are often controlled through a smartphone or tablet. However, we should not confuse this technology with a decades-old technology.

IT Company Philco brought their revolutionary product to the market in 1939. With this product, users were able to change the radio channel and control the volume of it. Is this a smart device? No, it is just a remote control. For smart devices, it’s not about controlling a device, it’s about the communication between multiple devices without having the user to control this communication.

Banking of Things

ING already introduced its Banking of Things department, which aims to make home appliances really smart. Thijs Janssen and Arlette Warmerdam - both working at ING - won the Innovation Bootcamp last year with their idea: linking home appliances to your banking account.

Smart refrigerators have been in use for a long time, warning users when they their refrigerator is about to get empty. With this data, a consumer’s consumption pattern can be analyzed. If we then link this data to the banking and online supermarket account of that same user, the refrigerator can order new groceries all by itself. Is there almost no milk left? Then your fridge will order a new pack of milk through your online supermarket account.

M2mobi en iOT

At M2mobi we have been working on smart apps for years. During the IoT event, Michiel Munneke - General Manager - explained our vision on IoT.

A smart app is an extension of yourself and helps you at the right moments in your daily life. And that, without having to stare at your screen all day. The smart app is an app that can be hold in your pocket. For example, think about entering the garage at work. A smart app recognizes this and calls down the elevator in advance, so you can get in immediately. Another example we have implemented in the ANWB On the Go app. If a user of the app is driving away from his parking space, the parking app will automatically be turned off. This prevents users from paying too much because they forgot to turn it off. This functionality is realized through a dongle in the car and Geolocation. In these examples, users enjoy the benefits of their app without having a look at it. And that’s what a smart app is all about.

Want to see more examples of smart apps? Check out our projects.

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