M2mobi Culture Page

We are Mobile Natives

We make phones smart with the most innovative apps and solutions. With 120 colleagues in Amsterdam, Zwolle and Portugal, we develop apps for sublime customers both at home and abroad and we want to continue to conquer the world. From unique designs to the smartest codes, we do it.

We are very proud of our customers. From international airports to a gym, clothing brand or a supermarket, we are working on it! We dare to say with almost 99% certainty that you do have an app on your phone that we have been working on. M2mobi is a full service mobile agency which makes us very strong. A large group of creatives works at M2mobi and everyone has one goal, to ensure that both the customer and user are surprised by the user-friendliness of the app.


Within M2mobi we therefore pursue four important core values. vibe. We work for the coolest customers, so we think it's important that we have a nice office, a good and healthy lunch, fun drinks, but also that you are surprised about the mutual bond between colleagues. Releases are celebrated, every month an outing and an annual winter sport are part of this. A good working atmosphere is brand and tangible with us. Whether you are a developer, account manager or CFO, we make sure that the office feels like a second home every day.

Learning Culture

Learning culture is our second core value. M2mobi is unique, unique that we are a forerunner in the digital world and that we always want to keep learning. We try to challenge each other, to teach new technology, to follow the right training. We give each other feedback and accept mistakes. Without falling there is no getting up. Many employees started as interns and now supervise the new generation of developers. And it is precisely those two who learn the most from each other, something that we greatly encourage.

We Always Deliver

We always deliver. We are always one step ahead of the customer. Together with our project managers, we always ensure a realistic time schedule whereby we do not ask you to work overtime, but that the quality is delivered that we stand for and what the customer expects from us. We want to amaze our customers time and time again. The latest feature, a different design or just an extra detail that they don't expect. That is what we aspire to and we give to them. There is always open and realistic communication about a release and when it is achieved, small or large, this is celebrated.

Dare To Excel

A diverse group of colleagues works at M2mobi, everyone has their strong and unique qualities and we like to link this to our fourth value: Dare to excel. We ask you to be yourself and take that extra step. You learn the most from that and you grow in your work life. No worry if you fail, you tried. We have a great client portfolio and always make sure that we deliver what is promised to the client. Of course with a realistic expectation where we do not shy away from a challenge. If you keep challenging yourself, we will grow as a company and you want to be part of that.

Are you now super enthusiastic and do you see yourself happily walking into our office every day. Take a look at our vacancies and who knows, maybe we'll meet soon.

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