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When people are asked about visits to a hospital, they will probably tell you about their health or concerns about a loved one they have visited. Apart from these aspects, they often mention simple, practical issues. It stands to reason that they are fully aware that the doctors do their utmost for their patients, but why is it so hard to park the car and is it so difficult to find where you have to go? Why should an accumulation of all those tiny things make a visit to a hospital any harder than it already is? That should not have to be the case and that is exactly why M2mobi has addressed this issue in collaboration with the Amsterdam Medical Centre.

The AMC is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands: each day 30,000 people are trying to find the right location for their appointments. For most people visiting a hospital has a major impact on them, but this app helps them on their way. Patients receive a QR code with all information regarding their appointment, the AMC scans their code and the app helps you all the way both inside and outside of the hospital. To us, this project marks the start for many other new functions that make visiting a hospital as easy as possible.

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Michiel Munneke
Michiel Munneke


Senior Accountmanager