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Amsterdam Museum
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Amsterdam has a rich financial history, however, only few people are aware of it. In order to improve this, the Amsterdam Museum and its sponsor Stichting Capital Amsterdam, have requested M2mobi to design a money tour app. This app is a tour to highlight the financial history of the Amsterdam city centre. It is easy for users to follow the audio, the steps and the route on the map. The app is in a choice of two languages with Mercury (the god of money) as narrator and includes highlights such as de Beurs van Berlage. With great attention to detail, it has become a combination of carefully listening to the history, being aware of your surroundings, viewing images from the past on your app and the route that takes you to the next item. It is a breath-taking tour through the heart of Amsterdam.

The app launched by beating the trade floor gong and was developed in collaboration with Imagineear (audio production).

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Michiel Munneke
Michiel Munneke


Commercial Director