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ANWB road assistance app

ANWB understands like no other that for most people mobility is a fundamental need. That is why they facilitate to get in contact with other people. Exploring, going on vacation, being independent, being able to develop oneself and to have fun. Giving support with mobile apps like the road assistance app, is one of the ways they are doing this. Because ANWB wanted to make this app more user friendly, they asked us to fresh up the design and to maximize the effectiveness of the application.

When you are stranded with car trouble, the road assistance app (iOS and Android) from ANWB can help you. As an ANWB-member you can use the app to be guided when you have a problem and to get in touch with the road assistance services. The app determines what the problem with your vehicle is and what your location is. Looking at your location (are you standing next to the highway or are you in town) the apps determines the next steps you should go through. The big amount of users (more than 675.000 downloads) proves that the road assistants mobile app is an app with impact.

The starting point for the improvement of roadside assistance app, the new app must be more personal and relevant. This fits well with our vision that a good app should respond to personally relevant information at the right time. In order to make this happen and to be technically completely up to date again, the roadside assistance app had to be redeveloped. This is done to prepare the roadside assistance app for the future so that it can be further expanded. This involved the use of the latest tooling, techniques and methods. M2mobi established an agile development in cooperation with ANWB, that is why we were able to do this project in a short time: with a hybrid M2mobi & ANWB scrum team.

All of this together resulted in a completely renewed app, both iOS and Android. The road assistance app now provides even better rescue services for his ANWB-members. It just takes a few steps to report a problem. The design also got a new fresh look.

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App architecture: shared components

Important in the development of the new apps is that they are modular. The styleguide, among other things, which can be used as a module in different applications. This ensures a consistent corporate identity across all apps. Besides this, ANWB is making a new server top layer, that creates a unified platform. This provides more control over the API network traffic of the various ANWB applications and understand their use. This provides an improvement in the connection of these applications, partly due to a greater degree of flexibility in the use of 3rd party solutions. Also, specific mobile solutions achieved through this platform, including push notifications.

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Stefan Smit
Stefan Smit