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Ten Cate & Cie

Bank ten Cate & Cie is an independent private bank that has focused on high net-worth individuals since 1881 with broad expertise. The bank is characterized by putting the customer first, with service and mutual trust being the foundation on which the bank operates. The bank has always done business in a traditional way. Usually through telephone contact. However, in a world where everything is moving faster and faster, it was time to make room for modernization.

A new beginning

The private bank market is highly competitive. It is necessary to work efficiently and customer-oriented. Alongside a new website came the need for an app that would perfectly reflect the new website. The purpose of the app is to ensure that people can easily view their assets, financial position & return achieved anywhere. In addition to viewing, these results can be downloaded. In this way you quickly have an extensive position overview at your disposal. In addition, the data of users is completely anonymized, so that the data and contact details of the users are not displayed anywhere. When developing the app, it is extremely important that the platform works smoothly, clearly, but above all in a safe manner. In order to realize such a project, the customer must be able to communicate clearly with the developer. Demo afbeelding ten Cate & Cie

The choice for M2mobi

M2mobi has extensive experience in the development of apps in the banking sector. For example, they previously developed the digital customer environment of Insinger Gilissen, who has been named the best private bank in the Netherlands for three years in a row. In particular, the innovative possibilities for contact between client and bank were the motivation for ten Cate & Cie to have the project developed by M2mobi. M2mobi's specialization lies in native app development. For the ten Cate & Cie platform, the specialists work with tools and standards specific to iOS and Android (React) in order to guarantee optimal performance and security. Also in the field of design, a lot of energy has been put into transitions, schemes and diagrams that have been built by M2mobi on iOS and Android.

Focus on the future & quality

Because m2mobi works in an Agile way, it was possible to realize an app in which a lot of attention was paid to user-friendliness and design, matching the house style of ten Cate & Cie. The collaboration with the bank takes place in periods of different Scrums, which means that the bank was able to provide feedback during the development process during each new modification. As a result, the bank's wishes were seamlessly translated into the end product M2mobi is known for delivering applications that draw their strength from the endless possibilities to develop the apps. Rapid and flexible further developments of the platform make the added value of the platform even greater than it already was in principle. M2mobi will remain involved in further developments of the digital platform. Innovative digital technologies are closely monitored, so that the relevant developments can be translated in the best way to the banking platform of ten Cate & Cie.

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Stefan Smit
Stefan Smit