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Budget Thuis is delivering over a million dutchies green power and gas. To bind customers, and to enable cross- and upsell, the company is also now offering mobile telephony, television and internet services. This creates different side groups with ditto (information)needs. In this extreme competitive market they all need an impeccable user experience.

That requires a mobile app with which they can view their current information at any time via an intuitive and crystal clear interface. And allows them to adjust their monthly payment or purchase new products with minimal effort. The motto of Budget Thuis is: Just Works. It is up to M2mobi to fulfill this promise.

Native application: maximum mobile opportunities.

M2mobi believes in native development. By using development tools made specifically for Android and iOS, language, and (design)standards, our developers make the most of the mobile possibilities. This means always the most complete and attractive user experience and optimal performance. Of course our apps are always the first to get the latest features.

Qualitative user research provides clear insight into customer needs.

An optimal user experience requires at first accurate insight in the (information)needs of the various groups. To which information would they like to have direct entrance, and how would they like to interact ideally? In five qualitative research rounds, we refined an initial design into a design in which three smart dashboards identify the user groups ‘only energy’, ‘only communication’ and ‘all in one’. These dashboards show exactly the most requested information.

Smart access to complex data flows.

To enable displaying the most relevant informatie, we had to open up various staging streams at the rear and be able to bring them together in real time. These datastreams are generated by different companies, including the network operator and KPN. To make this possible M2mobi developed in close cooperation with the client an effective API.

The data flows have to be linked at all times to the correct user. This is a complex challenge, for example if you also consider that some users use the same adres or share different services. In addition, different users provide different information with onboarding. Luckily our developers work regularly with extremely complexe datastrams, and are able to bring all the data seamlessly together.

Transparent & interactive information provision.

In order to present the variety of available information accessible to users, the developers devised and developed various visual and interactive solutions. There is an attractive designed graph, where users can see with minimum effort information about their usage. Freezing cold? Heatwave? Guests who are sleeping over? The interactive graph makes all consumption very transparent.

Another interactive feature is the personalised timeline. Users can find all the important information about the purchased services there. By the smart color codes they can see with one glance which message still needs action. Via the large blue action buttons the user controls every action still to be performed immediately with just a few clicks: from passing on the meter readings to a personalized offer.

Optimisation engagement users.

The developers also came up with exciting features to optimize the engagement of the app-users. A self-developed algorithm allows users to see at any time in the app how much money they have saved thanks to Budget Thuis, based on their current consumption information. Budget Thuis is the only provider with this unique feature. In addition this option is also very valuable for the user and Budget Thuis.

It may also be the case that the current energy consumption, for example, is higher than the fixed monthly payment. In that case the user can increase the monthly payment with just a few clicks. The app has a seamless integration with the iDeal - app. This prevents the users from getting some unexpected surprises at the end of the term, and at the same time the image of Budget Thuis as low-cost providers stays intact. Contentimage.budgetthuis2

Costless cross- and upsell-possibilities.

The service package of Budget Thuis offers numerous possibilities for cross- and upsell. Users of the sim only-services can for example buy extra data or calling credit for abroad. For television viewers there are, among other things, numerous additional channel packages available. For a number of extra’s the user just needs to turn on the toggle button. For other options a single click will give access to the seamless iDeal integration.

Chatbot reduces service costs.

Budget Thuis has a large department of service employees to answer the large amount of customer questions about its services. That results in relatively high costs. To minimize these costs, the M2mobi developers added a chatbot-function to the app. With that Budget Thuis can answer regularly asked questions 24 hours a day via the chatbot. In addition to the improved customer experience, this chatbot function also ensures a strong decrease in the service costs.

Effective communication strategy

In addition to the development of applications, M2mobi also advises and assists in providing new digital solutions with optimal organizational support. Thanks to the versatile services of Budget Thuis the communication pressure on users is relatively high. That can easily lead to app users who partially or completely opt out of notifications (or emails). That means less contact moments, declining engagement and below the line fewer opportunities to optimize turnover. To prevent this M2mobi previously carefully analyzed the various customer journeys. Based on the results, our advisors worked in close consultation with the customer on an effective notification strategy. We continuously adjust this, based on current data, so that the engagement of all customer groups remains optimal.

Further development based on userdata

Currently the main screen of the Budget Thuis app shows three smart dashboards. These dashboards show each of the user groups ‘only energy’, ‘only communication’ and ‘all-in one’ and by opening a dashboard the most relevant information will immediately be shown. For every individual user the most relevant dashboard has a prominent view. Based on continuous analysis of the usage data, the app will soon have a universal dashboard where all groups immediately can see their most relevant information.

Budget Thuis about the collaboration with M2mobi:

‘’The application is a crucial link in the relation with our customers’’, says marketing manager Safira de Witte from Budget Thuis. ‘’Our target group expects to quickly and easily gain insight into their consumption and to be able to immediately adjust their data or purchased products. Combining all those different energy and telecom products and associated data in one user-friendly mobile interface was a huge challenge. From day one M2mobi gave us great advice. Thereby you notice that it is a very experienced company that has the expertise to build state-of-the-art apps and to manage all related organizational challenges in the right direction. We are very satisfied with the end result!’’

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