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With nearly a hundred fitness clubs throughout the Netherlands and some 350,000 members, Fit For Free is already one of the most popular gyms, but the ambitions go much further. Unleashing a true online fitness revolution, that’s what Fit For Free has in mind. The highest goal of the fitness chain is to help their members create deep-rooted training habits and get a healthy lifestyle. The question is: how?

Fit For Free asked M2mobi to develop a mobile solution that actively motivates members to get fit and healthy. An exciting challenge, especially since the stakes were high and deadlines were tight. After all, the new year and people’s healthy resolutions, were just around the corner.

"Our main goal is to become the number one health app. We are focusing on exercise and beyond. Think of it as a kind of life coach. This app is in line with our mission of ageing in happy & healthy fashion.” – Tim de Jardine, Chief Product Officer

Exercise completely from your own home or garden

With the closure of the gyms, Fit For Free has fully opened the app to everyone. This makes it possible to take advantage of the home workouts and virtual classes they offer in the app, even if you are not a member of Fit For Free. The home workouts are perfectly suited for the small spaces indoors, and therefore fit perfectly with the measures of a lockdown. Fit For Free regularly adds additional workouts and new virtual classes to the app. This way they ensure that the offer remains fun and varied.

The gyms have now reopened and we have made it possible to reserve a time slot in advance in which you want to exercise. When booking, we added a self-assessment to ensure that no people with health complaints come into the gym. We have also added a feature that allows you to check in and out almost completely touchless using your personal QR code in the app. In this way we try to ensure that everyone can come and exercise safely.

Fit For Free App | M2mobi

Step by step towards a personal transformation

Based on your actions and feedback in the app, we optimize the workout content to create a workout offer that suits you, without losing its flexibility. We propose a workout, but do you prefer a shorter workout? Or do you want to make it a bit more challenging for yourself? That is also possible!

Features that make the difference

We developed the app as 'Minimum Lovable Product'. In short: with a minimum number of features that add maximum value to the user experience.

An essential part of the personal training programs are short instructional videos, which give users the confidence that they can perform the exercises correctly. Supplemented by a set of tips and tricks to familiarize yourself with the workouts.

In addition, much attention has been paid to visualizing the training progress of the users, who are thus extra motivated to set and achieve new goals.

In addition to the personal programs, the app also contains 1 commonly used killer feature: the ability to book group lessons. In demand, much used and much appreciated.

Fit For Free App | M2mobi

Lean startup methodology: learn, build, measure, repeat

Of course, it’s impossible to develop the ultimate fitness app from behind a desk in an office building. So the entire project team immersed itself in the world of Fit For Free. We delved into every detail of the industry, the trainers, the apps. But above all: the users.

Thanks to the time and energy that we put into user and usability testing in the Fit For Free fitness centers and the short design and development cycles that followed, we quickly iterated towards a Minimum Lovable Product that seamlessly meets the wishes of users and adds value to the business.

Now the next challenge awaits: adding more and more advanced and attractive features.

Have you become enthusiastic? Download the app for iOS and Android and crush your personal fitness goals!

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