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A digital Orlando Experience

Orlando International Airport
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With over 47 million annual passengers, Orlando International Airport (MCO) is one of the top ranked airports in the United States for their customer service. The airport even got ranked by J.D. Power as ‘Highest in Customer Satisfaction for Mega Airports’ in 2017 and 2018.

MCO’s goal for this project was to enhance ‘The Orlando Experience’ through the addition of a mobile app. As part of a broader digital strategy, M2mobi developed and designed a mobile Android and iOS app that does not only provide passengers with up-to-date flight information, but really improves their travel experience.

Thousands of beacons

Finding your way to and through the airport can be quite a stressful activity. Until now. Whether passengers are searching for their gate or favorite restaurant to have a quick bite before taking off, with Indoor Wayfinding and Positioning in the app they can easily navigate from any point to their desired location. Passengers will even be able to see how many minutes they’re away from their gate.

The implementation of those functionalities was a technical challenge as airports are not known for their simple infrastructure. We started by mapping the entire airport, from all the parking lots to the gates. This allowed us to place thousands of beacons in such a way that the app could accurately determine a user’s location, anytime and anywhere. In order to work properly, we conducted many tests at the airport, resulting in a very precise location determination.

gif MCO Indoor wayfinding

Automatically save your parking spot

Ever forgot where you have parked your car? You are not the only one. Especially for travelers who came back from a three-week holiday, this is rather easy to forget. For this reason, the app automatically saves passengers’ parking spot at the airport through the use of beacons. As soon as passengers come back from their well-deserved holiday, the app sends them a notification that reminds them where they have parked their car and how to navigate back.

A relevant and personal interaction

Whether travelers are at their home or already walking their way to customs, everyone would appreciate a little help during their journey. For this reason, we integrated smart contextual messages. What are smart contextual messages? Let’s say that you are at home and your flight departs in a few hours. The app will then remind you to leave home on time and shows you how to get to the airport. Once you are at the airport the app tells you when it's time to go through customs.

Based on either GPS or beacon technology, the app combines a user’s location with his personal flight information. The messages are not only in favor of the traveler, the airport also benefits from it. Besides the valuable interaction with their travelers, it allows the airport to stimulate all the facilities it has to offer.

MCO Case images


The MCO Airport app has proven itself as a valuable addition to the airports vision in which they aim to enhance the passenger experience and service. Together with MCO we will keep innovating in order to get the most out of The Orlando Experience. Exciting features will be added to both the Android and iOS app in the near future.

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Stefan Smit