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Roll-out of Mobile First Private Banking Platform

Quintet is a renowned private bank that advises clients worldwide in the field of asset management.

In order to optimally support private investors, entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals, the bank has a network of branches in the financial centers of Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and in 50 European cities. The Dutch part of this network is the highly reputable private bank InsingerGilissen.

The clientele of the European Private Bank of the Year 2021 places high demands on the level of service. Quintet therefore regularly introduces new digital solutions to further enrich the customer experience. Offering these services with a uniformly high-quality look and feel, combined with a rich feature set requires a high-quality digital platform. Quintet asked M2mobi to develop this platform and make it internationally scalable.

Mobile first digital platform for clients, bankers and (independent) advisors

M2mobi was previously responsible for the development of the digital customer environment of InsingerGilissen, which was voted the best private bank in The Netherlands three years in a row. This versatile environment offers clients numerous possibilities to monitor and control the return and performance of their assets placed with the bank. There are also innovative functions for contact between banker and client. The success of this digital platform was an important reason for Quintet to ask M2mobi to roll it out internationally as a multi-entity platform.


Loosely coupled architecture guarantees optimal user experience

In the highly competitive market in which Quintet operates, private banks are under great pressure to work more efficiently and in a more customer-oriented way. In doing so, they are experiencing growing pains from their outdated IT systems. Those legacy systems slow down new releases and make new digital additions to the customer experience difficult to implement. M2mobi largely removed these obstacles by completely decoupling the frontend of both the website and the mobile applications from the backend applications.

M2mobi is a specialist in native app development. M2mobi’s developers implemented modern development tools and (design) standards for web applications (React), Android and iOS for this platform. This guarantees optimal performance and security, fast and reliable implementation of releases and the quick availability of new features. The new platform can therefore always offer the most attractive user experience.

Elegant code and smart APIs unlock core banking and portfolio management systems

Quintet's international network includes dozens of individually operating companies. They form a patchwork of organizations, products, operating models and systems that differ greatly in composition and structure. In order to be able to offer a uniformly high-quality user experience at the front-end, the new platform must be able to effortlessly unlock different systems and data sources. Moreover, this should not be at the expense of the flexibility and speed with which the platform functions.

The development of elegant mobile first solutions with consistently high-quality code is one of the distinguishing core qualities of M2mobi. The developers have a lot of experience with unlocking and seamlessly bringing together complex data flows. They also developed a smart API layer for the new digital platform. This unlocks the core banking, portfolio management and CRM systems involved, and makes sure that the new digital platform is light and agile.

From complex data flows to smart information services for demanding HNWIs

Thanks to the flexible front-end, Quintet is able to significantly increase the service and provide relevant and real-time information to its clients At the same time Quintet further strengthens the bond between client and banker. Clients now have insights into the composition of their investment portfolio and related advice, research and relevant stock market news within a few taps. In addition, they can request the most current information about costs calculated by the bank at any time of the day. Transparency is an important USP of the bank.

In this way, the supply of relevant information via the digital channels is increasing sharply. A sophisticated timeline has been introduced to keep this offer as accessible and clear as possible. This timeline places all important communication about the portfolio, costs, advice and other relevant information in a very clear chronological order.

Strategic partner, focus on quality

M2mobi’s focus on quality is a long term investment. This results in speed, flexibility and stability of the new platform which will remain at the highest possible level, even after years of intensive use and further development. The delivery of releases, new touchpoints, changes in products and operating concepts will therefore continue to run smoothly in the long term.

M2mobi is involved as a strategic sparring partner to further develop the digital platform. What new digital technologies and possibilities are coming to the market? How can we incorporate these into the customer experience, and which options are most urgent or relevant at the moment?

By continuously translating the latest digital developments into new business opportunities, M2mobi ensures that Quintet can seize every opportunity to be successful in the mobile world.

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