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A white label app for 10 broadcasters

Regionale Publieke Omroep
design, maintenance
iOS & Android

De Regionale Publieke Omroep (RPO) - The Public Broadcasting Organization - promotes and defends the interests of a number of regional broadcasters in the Netherlands and stimulates cooperation between them. These broadcasters keep their readers and listeners up-to-date with the latest news on regional topics and stories, from live radio and TV to extensive articles and weather.

RPO has previously developed a white label app for both Android and iOS. The individual broadcasters can apply their visual identity - such as logos, icons and color schemes - within their own white label version of the app.

The eleven apps are as follows: Omroep Zeeland, RTV Noord, Omroep Brabant, Ustad, Omroep GLD, Omroep West, Fryslan, RTV Drenthe, RTV Oost, RTV Rijnmond en RTV Utrecht.

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The project

RPO asked M2mobi to take care of the further maintenance and development of their existing Android and iOS apps. We did not only made the code from the previous development agency our own, but we also migrated the existing backend to our own servers. With this, we have taken the entire development of the eleven applications in-house and enabled ourselves to develop with our own tools and quality standards.

In the further development of these apps - next to RPO and M2mobi - ten broadcasters are involved. To prevent us from communicating with eleven different project teams, we decided to set up an overarching project team from RPO. The broadcasters can provide the project team of RPO with their wishes on regular basis. Next, we take care of the implementation of the desired features and adjustments.

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All of the apps have the same structure, but the broadcasters can apply an individual layout to the various components, such as the menu and the header. For example, one broadcaster has a concise menu with regional news, sports and traffic. And the other broadcaster has an extensive menu with football statistics, photo reports and a TV guide. As soon as users open their app, they see the most important news from their region. In addition, there are a number of tabs in the app's header that allow users to easily navigate to the weather, traffic, sports, radio or 'most read articles'.

Thanks to a clear and flexible collaboration, there is enough room for personal input from both the individual broadcasters and ourselves. Together with RPO we are constantly looking for new possibilities to improve the apps.

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Michiel Munneke


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