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Sjaak spliting the bill

1817 BV
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The briefing

Handling payments trough your mobile phone is winning popularity. Especially in the b2c market it's becoming very easy for customers to make a transaction directly via your mobile. But the market for apps that handle mutual payments is also growing strongly. For the administration and settling of payments within groups of friends, there was not yet a strong player that offered a simple and effective concept for the mobile phone. And that is exactly where Sjaak is providing in. Young people don't have, most of the time, a lot of money to spent. They would like to see that the drinks they bought for their friends, are paid back. That can be with a drink back, or with cash. Besides that, remembering who is getting money from who is quite a bit of an administrative hassle. To solve this problem, 1817 BV came to M2mobi with the following briefing:

"Develop an app that makes it easy for millenials to share bills and make payments within a group. This can be a group of friends, colleagues, sport-team members or familymembers. The app will be used in the pub, at home on the couch, on the go or on vacation.

The app must display complex settlement between users in a simple and clear way. Doing payments within a group must be an easy act and not something complex or negative. An unique user experience/interface design must support this. Comfort, fun and simplicity are keywords by this goal. Besides that, the app must appearance as safe, reliable and flexible."

With this briefing we enthusiastically went to work.

The challenge

What differs this app from ecxisting mobile apps in the market, is that it is made for long-term accounts between friends. It is not an app for one single payment. Groups of friends that are buying drinks for each other every week in the cafetaria are part of the target group for example. The starting point is not the payment at his own, but the possibility to see that your payment is liquidated (getting a drink back) by an other friend in that group. To provide in this long-term relationship of payments, we have thought about all the possible scenarios. Because we want to cover all this scenarios, the app has complex logica. The idea of taking all this options into account sounds very nice, but it also causes a lot of headaches. How do you translate all that options to one app that feels simple and intuitive? And not to forget the most important element: fun! Not a lot of young people like to be busy with their finances. Besides that, you don't want to be a stingy person that whines for his money by his friends. So our challenge was to design the app on such a way that it doesn't seem like business, but like fun to use.

The result

To guarantee the fun element in the app, the client has conceived a thirth person who whines for your money: Sjaak. By doing this, your no longer screwed, but Sjaak is: a remarkable boy, who is making sure your finances are arranged. His slogan therefore is: Sjaak is arranging it. On behalf of his name reminders and other updates are sent.

With this concept in mind, we started working and the result is here for all to see. The app has a lot of functionallities, but feels like a simple and fun tool that is getting a 5-star rating from his users.

Sjaak english functionalities

Moreover, this app doesn't have a banking function, you are not creating a bank account. It is not possible to pay directly or with iDeal, but paying is made easier in the app. You can start your banking app directly and paste the account number. In this way you only have to remember the amount you have to pay. You can transfer the money directly to your friend.

Next to functional improvements, we are working on incrementally design improvements. We are working daily on the app, to make sure that the many options the app offers are translated to a fun and intuitive UX and visual design.

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Michiel Munneke
Michiel Munneke


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