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The briefing

Paying for your groceries without going through the checkout? In 2017, Albert Heijn (AH) introduced a simple and quick way of shopping: Tap to go. Customers of AH to go can directly pay for their selected products and take them with them. And all this, with just a single ‘tap’ of their smartphone or personal Tap to go card.

After a successful try-out at the Ah to go at the Ahold Delhaize headquarters, the concept is now being rolled out to various AH to go’s in the Netherlands. The try-out also formed a solid basis for the further development of the app. The result? A major update, with new functionalities and a new design. M2mobi has taken care of the development of both the Android and iOS app and has also contributed to the development of a secure backend.

The challenge

With its innovative way of shopping on-the-go, Albert Heijn wants to offer its customers a whole new shopping experience. As simple and fast as possible. The development that lies behind this experience asks for a solid backend.

Several technologies were needed for the realization of this projects, which also had to be combined with each other. An example is the use of Near-field Communication (NFC) for the communication between the smartphone of a user and the digital shelf card in the store. The data resulting from this technology/communication should be communicated securely to the multiple parties involved, such as the user of the app, the payment provider and AH to go. A single tap has to make several components move and communicate with each other.

Besides shopping on-the-go itself, the use and the performance of the app had to be as seamless as possible. Simple and fast. From the onboarding process to adding products, and from automatic payment to viewing the purchase history.

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The solution

Customers of the AH to go can quickly start using Tap to go by simply scanning and linking their Tap to go card to both their bank account and mobile number for a secure and personal connection.

Once logged into the app, users get direct access to their personal savings-card - a desired new feature in the app. In this way, users can now save for free coffee, fruit and croissants. In additions, users have insight into their shopping basket, purchase history and account with a single click.

Besides the products users have tapped, the shopping basket also shows a live timer that indicates when the groceries are automatically payed. 10 minutes after a last tap or untap, the money is automatically debited from a user’s account. A user therefore does not have to pass the cashier. Another new feature that comes with the update of the app is the addition of push notifications. Does something go wrong with tapping a product or does a user taps any alcoholic drinks? Then he receives a push notification telling him that an employee is on his way to help or check his age. Another way in which the user is informed is the addition of 'happy little messages' at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, we have developed a cloud solution that facilitates the onboarding process of new users and also makes live updates for the shopping cart of that same user available. In this way, customers of the AH to go can see all their activities directly in the app.

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The result

Based on the try-out at the AH to go at the Ahold Delhaize headquarters, we have developed a major update of the app that creates a unique shopping experience. The new way of shopping on-the-go is now being rolled out in a public pilot to other AH to go stores, starting at three shops in Amsterdam.

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Michiel Munneke


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