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A simple and quick way of shopping

AH to go
Android, iOS

Paying for your groceries without going through the checkout? Together with AH to go we introduced a simple and quick way of shopping: Tap to go. Customers of AH to go can directly pay for their items by simply tapping a shelf tag with their smartphone or ‘Tap to go’ card. An innovation that makes the news: from Het Parool to NOS, all major Dutch media are talking about this. M2mobi developed an Android and iOS app for this innovative concept.

Every second counts

Whether it’s on their way to work or school, at the 'AH to go' customers can quickly take a snack or drink for their trip. And ‘quickly’ plays an important role here as the train or bus won’t wait for them to get their coffee.

With Tap to go, customers can easily skip the line at the checkout. How? By simply holding their smartphone or ‘Tap to go-card’ against the digital shelf tag and take their items. Customers won’t have to stand in line anymore as the app debits the amount after just 10 minutes. Tap, grab and GO!

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A solid backend

The development that lies behind this superfast concept asks for a solid backend. Several technologies were needed for the realization of this project, that also had to be combined with each other. Take Near-field Communication (NFC) for example: a technology that is used for the communication between a user’s smartphone and the digital shelf tag. The data resulting from this communication should be communicated securely to the user of the app, the payment provider and AH to go. In other words, a single tap has to make several components move and communicate with each other.

We also developed a smart cloud solution that enables live updates for the shopping bag in the app. In this way users can see all their activities - such as a tap or payment - directly in the app. The same cloud solution also facilitates the registration process of new users.

A seamless experience

Besides shopping on-the-go itself, the use and performance of the app had to be as seamless as possible. Simple and fast. Customers of the AH to go can quickly start using Tap to go by scanning and connecting their Tap to go card to both their bank account and mobile number for a secure and personal connection.

Once logged into the app, users can start tapping right away. Is something going wrong or is a user tapping any alcoholic drinks? Then the app reports this to an employee so that he or she can help immediately. That way precious time is never lost!

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Stimulate returning customers

Use your AH loyalty card as you’ve always been used to, but then on your smartphone. With the Tap to go app, users automatically get credits that can be used for free coffee, fruit or croissants. With only five credits, a user already has a full loyalty card. You'll definitely come back for that!

An award-winning project

That Tap to go can be considered successful is evident from the awards it has earned. The project wins gold at the Dutch Interactive Awards in the Service category: ‘The innovative store concept impressed the jury because it fits seamlessly with the wishes of the user.’ In addition, Tap to go also won silver in the Tools category: ‘The jury praised the innovative aspect and the potential to scale. The increase in sales based on the first results also promises much good for the future.’

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Stefan Smit