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Mobile First Digital Transformation for CLT

Charlotte Douglas International Airport
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With over 46 million passengers annually, Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) finds itself in the top 10 busiest airports in the world. The airport is characterized by a forward-thinking philosophy and a focus on constant growth. In 2018, the airport even opened nine new gates, which is only the first part of a major $2.5 billion renovation program.

And it’s not ‘just’ a renovation program. On the contrary, CLT says they’re building an airport fit for the queen. As part of this renovation, CLT aims to enhance the passenger experience and the relationship through a digital platform. M2mobi was asked to take care of the digital transformation of the airport, including a website and mobile Android and iOS app.

First to implement our Digital Airport Platform

CLT is the first airport to implement our Digital Airport Platform to its full extent. M2mobi's Digital Airport Platform powers essential digital passenger facing services to increase non-aeronautical revenues and enhance passenger experiences.

The implementation of our Digital Airport Platform is part of a complete digital transformation at CLT. A digital transformation, including a mobile app and website, is a challenge in itself. In addition, it was very important that we developed those channels in such a way that CLT kept in full control over the content. How do we ensure that CLT is able to provide the channels with unique content? As a solution we used a single, but very powerful, Content Management System (Contentful) as part of our Digital Airport Platform. By making optimal use of all the possibilities that the CMS has to offer we enabled lots of freedom for the airport to organize their content easily, fast and update their channels directly.

However, providing these channels with content from the CMS is just a part of all the information that needs to be provided to the user. Think of all the flight data that has to be updated automatically and real-time in both channels. How do we ensure that this data is provided to multiple unique channels?

CLT Macbook

A single system providing multiple channels

Our Digital Airport Platform includes the development of a new website that provides passengers with all the information they need. From general airport info to more specific information such as parking and shop & dine possibilities. What is so unique about the development of the CLT website? It runs on the same systems as the Android and iOS app. This means that the flight data, for example, shown on the website and in the app comes from the same system. A single system, providing all channels with the same realtime information.

Also worth mentioning, the CLT website is super fast. Using techniques that instantly load the entire website, instead of single pages, enabled us to create an above-average fast website and thus a seamless experience.

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Realtime in the palm of your hand

Realtime. That’s the major point of attention for the CLT app. The app needed to serve the passenger with real-time and location-specific information. A personal assistant at the airport. This in contrast to the website, that provides passengers with more general information pre-travel.

Users of the CLT app can bookmark their flights and get notifications as soon as there is any status-change, such as a gate change. The app even navigates users to their gate, using indoor wayfinding and positioning techniques. But their gate is not the only destination passengers can navigate to. Is there still time left for their departing flight? Then they can navigate to their favourite restaurant or shop, simply by scrolling through a list of all the airport facilities. From relaxing to travel essentials.

Seamless parking solution

Parking is a crucial part of the passenger experience for CLT, and a key revenue source. Many CLT airport visitors want to reserve and pay for available parking space in advance. This secures them a parking spot and a better price. CLT has commissioned Aeroparker to enable the digital reservations. By integrating the AeroParker API on the Digital Airport Platform, M2mobi created a seamless parking journey in the airport's own website and mobile apps.

Aeroparker is software that quickly drives new revenues for airports by enabling the pre booking of airport parking. The integration illustrates the simplicity and effectiveness of adding API based features to CLT’s mobile first digital airport customer experience using the Digital Airport Platform.

A great start

With the CLT mobile app and website, there is a solid foundation for further expansion and enhancing features that our Digital Airport Platform has to offer. And with an eye to this further development, we will gather as much user feedback as possible. Do you want to know more about all the features our Digital Airport Platform has to offer? Take a look at our Digital Airport Platform.

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