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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW Airport) finds itself in the top 5 busiest airports in the world for operations and in the world’s top 15 in terms of passengers. It is not surprising that the airport has been recognized as the 2019 Airport of the Year by Air Transport World (ATW). The honor recognizes DFW’s innovation in providing a world-class customer experience, global leadership in sustainability, cost effective and efficient operations, excellent partnership with airlines, and collaboration with local communities to further develop the economic benefits of aviation in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

With over 75 million passengers (in 2019) traveling to and through DFW Airport, the airport wants to offer a smooth and delightful journey to each passenger. A digital solution can fulfill these needs. M2mobi was invited to the warm and welcoming Dallas, in Texas back in 2014. The goal? Develop a mobile Android and iOS app that makes traveling through DFW Airport smooth and enjoyable. A digital customer experience that starts at home.

Your journey starts at home

Passengers can already view their flight status and information at home. But that is not just it. Travelers can prepare their entire trip to and through DFW Airport.

Reservate and prepay your parking spot

With DFW Prepaid Parking in the app, passengers can prepay for their parking and save both time and money thanks to discounts in the app. After they have chosen their parking spot, they can directly pay within the app. Users can either use their vehicle TollTag or receive a QR code as an identifier that allows them to enter the DFW parking plazas.

DFW Airport is the first airport to implement a completely native payment solution for its passengers in their mobile app. Unlike a flow that redirects to a website for the payment completion, users go through an entire app flow without any interruption. Safe and efficient. After passengers have parked their car, they can save their parking spot through GPS and head towards the security checkpoints.

DFW Iphone images parking

Best travel experience with minimum waiting times

Sometimes passengers can get overwhelmed by the unexpected long lines at the TSA checkpoints. Not ideal when you want to be on time without rushing your way to the gate. Their checkpoint might be busy, while the lines at other checkpoints are very short without them even knowing.

For this reason DFW Airport implemented live security checkpoint wait times. This allows passengers to decide whether the nearest checkpoint is also the fastest to go through. DFW Airport is the first airport to offer this native functionality in the app for all its checkpoints and lanes. Once passengers have passed the security checkpoints, they can discover all the facilities the airport has to offer such as the many shops and restaurants. The latest version of the app also contains a prediction of the expected waiting times at different checkpoints. This way passengers get an idea of how long they possibly have to wait when they get in line.

DFW iphone images Live Waiting times

For the most convenient travel experience we’ve also added a recommendation of the checkpoint with the shortest waiting time. In addition to the recommendation of the less busiest checkpoint, the app also advises passengers of the best time to arrive at the checkpoint. This way your waiting time is reduced to the minimum and your journey is as convenient as is possible. This recommendation is available from 24 hours in advance. With this information you can start a carefree travel and have a relaxt journey to your destination.

Pre-order at your favorite restaurant

On your way to your gate and hungry for a quick bite before taking off? With ‘Mobile Food Ordering’ in the DFW Airport app, passengers can order and pay for their food in advance. By simply ordering their meal from the lists of restaurants connected to the Grab infrastructure, users can directly pay and avoid the wait at the restaurant.

Once the order has been successfully placed, users can simply pick up their meal at their ‘Mobile food ordering’ counter. The app then also helps them to find the quickest way to the restaurant. This also fits in perfectly with the current social distancing measures that are applied worldwide regarding COVID-19.

DFW Iphone images food ordering

Indoor wayfinding and positioning

It can be quite a task to find your way (or your favorite restaurant) at a 26.9 square miles size airport. Fortunately, passengers can find their way through DFW Airport with indoor wayfinding and positioning in the app. Users can navigate from any point to their desired destination with turn-by-turn, detailed directions.

Over 32,000 monthly active users

The app has proven itself to be a truly valuable channel to realize a relevant interaction between DFW Airport and its passengers. The app has been downloaded over 505,000 times and is actively being used by more than 32,000 passengers per month. We are very proud of the cooperation between DFW Airport and M2mobi. We will continue to work on further improvements in order to provide passengers with a delightful journey.

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