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The briefing

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW Airport) is the third busiest airport in the world for operations and the busiest Texas airport. DFW Airport warmly welcomes more than 65 million customers along their journey every year, elevating DFW to a status as one of the most frequently visited superhub airports in the world.

DFW Airport wants to make sure all its travelers have a smooth and delightful trip. A mobile app can fulfill these needs and that’s why DFW invited M2mobi to the warm and welcoming Texas. The briefing was short but powerful: develop a new app that makes traveling to and through DFW Airport smooth and enjoyable.

The challenge

During the project, DFW Airport launched a new brand identity with the Vision of: Travel Transformed. This new identity welcomes all travelers who want to discover, connect and grow. The new branding would be introduced at the same time as the launch of the new app. A challenging project for M2mobi. The new identity had to be translated to a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

The solution

With a dedicated project team, we were able to understand and embrace the essence of the new identity. Many workshops and usability tests resulted in an app that feels simple, but still manages to create moments of wow when we anticipate specific user needs. In November 2015, the updated app went live with a great variety of features that enriched the passenger experience. In 2016, a major update for both iOS and Android followed.

gif DFW Home Screen

Flight dashboard and alerts

App users have instant access to their personalized flight dashboard. Besides relevant flight information, the dashboard also shows gate, luggage and parking information. DFW Airport wants to communicate with its visitors through so-called alerts. Not only about relevant flight information, but also about any weather conditions that may affect their journey.

Prepaid Parking and Indoor Wayfinding

Customers can use Prepaid Parking at DFW Airport by first selecting their check-in and return days. Next, they can choose from a number of discounted parking products. Once customers have chosen a product, they can pay directly in the app. Payment completed? Users can either use their vehicle TollTag or receive a QR code as an identifier that allows them to enter the DFW parking plazas. Customers have the added convenience of no longer having to search for their parking ticket.

Did you forget where you’ve parked your car after a long holiday? No worries. With the DFW app, users can save their parking spot through GPS and take a photo that is saved in the app. After users save their parking spot, they can easily find their way to customs, a restaurant or their gate, using Indoor Wayfinding. Visitors can see where they are, orient themselves, and navigate to their desired destination.

img dfw new 3

Mobile Food Ordering

Recently, we implemented Mobile Food Ordering in the DFW app. With Mobile Food Ordering, visitors of DFW Airport can order their food in advance and pay through the app. DFW is the first airport in the United States to offer this functionality. More than 20 restaurants are connected to the GRAB infrastructure, making it possible for DFW visitors to avoid any wait and pick up their food to go.

Apple Watch and TV

Together with DFW Airport we want to offer travelers a smooth trip, and that’s already starting at home with the DFW Apple TV app. Users can easily calculate their fastest route to the airport and the app provides all relevant flight information, from departure and arrival times to luggage and parking information.

As the first airport in the United States, DFW Airport offers its travelers an app for the Apple Watch. This means that DFW visitors with an Apple Watch now also receive relevant flight information and updates on their wrists.

The result

The cooperation between DFW Airport and M2mobi has gone very smoothly and we are very proud of the achieved result. We will continue to work on further improvements within the app based on user feedback. DFW Airport values user feedback and thus it should be as simple as possible to get in touch with DFW. The app gives instant access to the social media pages of the airport and users can subscribe directly to the newsletter.

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