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The briefing

With its 83.6 million visitors in 2016, Dubai International (DXB) is the busiest international airport in the world. Both DXB and Dubai’s second airport, Dubai World Central (DWC), are managed and operated by Dubai Airports. Besides their aviation-related services, both airports offer a great variety of retail and catering facilities, including Dubai Duty Free. With a yearly turnover of 1.63 billion euros in 2016, Dubai Duty Free is one of the fastest growing retailers in the industry. In 2014, M2mobi was asked to develop a mobile strategy for Dubai Airports. Since that time, we have been working on updates.

The challenge

We were challenged to develop a comprehensive app that enriches the passenger experience. The mobile app should provide (flight) information about both DXB and DWC. A single app for two airports, with features that should be optimized for each airport.

We found a second challenge in the great variety of retail and catering services at Dubai Airports. Visitors of both airports should be able to orient themselves easily. Travellers should find all shopping, dining and relaxing facilities easily. In addition, all available content and information about these facilities had to be available in both English and Arabic.

The Solution

We focused on providing the user with relevant flight information. Travelers who bookmarked their flight can see it on their dashboard. When they open the app, the dashboard immediately displays all relevant flight information such as arrival and departure times, terminal and baggage belt information. Additionally, a user of the app can choose to receive live notifications for relevant flight updates.

Dubai Rebranding App Screens

Are you not travelling, but coming to pick up a friend or family member, and do you want to know where they are at the moment? The flight tracking feature lets users of the app see where a flight is located. We were able to implement this feature by integrating Google Maps into both the iOS and Android app.

Besides providing relevant flight information, we focused on the many retail and catering facilities of Dubai Airports. The ‘While you are here’ tab shows travelers a list of all restaurants, shops and hotels. To enrich travelers’ experience, we have implemented a 3D-map which enables point-to-point navigation. By selecting a start and end point, users can find their way through the airport.

We have added additional functionalities that enrich the passenger experience since the intial release. For example a welcome messages through geofencing. Visitors who share their location with the app, receive a welcome message when they arrive at the airport. In this way they are reminded that the app can help them during their trip through and from Dubai Airports.

To provide as many passengers as possible with an unique experience, we have developed a smartwatch app for both Android Wear and WatchOS. With one tap on their wrist, early adopters get quick and easy access to the latest information of their flight.

Finally, the app is available in English and Arabic. This was a challenge considering the Arabic language is written from right-to-left, instead of left-to-right like a western language.

‘It was an adventure entering into this collaboration. We are proud of the work we have been allowed to carry out for Dubai Airports. An international collaboration such as this offers a host of challenges of new challenges. For us, this step abroad means the quality we strive for is recognised.’- CEO M2mobi, Michiel Munneke

The result

Together with Dubai Airports, we have been able to offer travelers an app that not only provides flight information, but also enriches the full airport experience. As an app development agency, we appreciate user feedback. We are proud to see that the Dubai Airports app has an average rating of 4.5 stars in both the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store. User feedback enables us to continuously look for improvements within the app. Together with Dubai Airports, we continue to innovate.

  • The app is downloaded over 360.000 times;
  • The app is used by 4.000 people every day;
  • More than 1 million notifications has been sent in the past year.

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