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M2Mobi previously developed the mobile app for Dubai Airports which enriches the experience of passengers at the airport. This experience is now further expanded for the early adopter passengers. With just one tap on their wrist they are always up-to-date on their flight. M2Mobi was asked to develop the Dubai International smartwatch app and integrate with the popular Dubai smartphone app.

With almost 79 million passengers in 2015, Dubai International Airport has a very large customer base. To maximize the number of passenger who could use the new smartwatch experience, we developed the smartwatch app for both WatchOS as Android Wear. Passengers of Dubai International Airport get quick and easy access to the latest status of their flights by simply bookmarking these flights in the mobile app. The smartwatch app offers besides the current flight status also live arrival and departure times and terminal, gate and baggage information.

Traveling by airplane can cause a lot of stress for travelers. This is mainly due to the number of uncertainties that visiting an airport entails. We’ve started the design for the Dubai smartwatch app based on this knowledge. The result is a smartwatch app that mainly focuses on the functional aspects; the app shows no more than necessary to support the users during their visit at the airport. We’ve managed to design every element in such a way that the smartwatch app matches perfectly with the user experience as initially conceived in the mobile apps for iOS and Android.

"As part of the first phase of the Dubai Airports smartwatch app, we prioritised the provision of flight information as this is the most vital passenger service. Our 2017 plan is to further enhance the interactivity and functionality of this app to include point-to-point wayfinding as well as exclusive retail, food and beverage offers from across the airport and more." - Matt Horobin, Head of Digital Media, Dubai Airports.

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