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The briefing

The Heineken Experience is an interactive tour through the former brewery of the world-famous beer brand. A unique museum in the heart of Amsterdam, which is very popular among tourists. As the museum mainly has international visitors, the entire experience is in English. Yet, visitors seemed to have needs for a tour in their own language. An app - available in multiple languages, for both iOS and Android - had to offer the solution. In that context, M2mobi developed an interactive audio and video guide in 9 languages. Using visualizations, interactive assignments and of course a beer tasting, visitors are introduced to the rich history of the Heineken brand.

Together with the Heineken Experience, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the experience of her visitors. This led to a desired major update of the app that should increase both the visitor experience and engagement.

The Challenge

Making the app part of the entire customer journey, that's what the big update needs to realize. Visitors who leave the Heineken Experience must continue to interact with the brand and thus the app. The challenge here is to add value value to all stages of a visit to Amsterdam.

A second challenge was the fact that the app was designed as one of the first channels according to the new visual identity of the Heineken Experience. A new look, that has to stay typical Heineken.

The solution

There has been a focus on personalizing the customer journey. Visitors should feel that the Heineken Experience is their local friend. To enhance this feeling, the Heineken Experience created a third person, named ‘Alex’.

In this context, features have been developed that connect the visitor to the city of Amsterdam. For example, app users can indicate their mood. With the app, Alex takes them to the most beautiful places of Amsterdam. From the best restaurants to the hottest sneaker shop. Alex even provides visitors with relevant actions, such as free snacks when buying two Heineken beers in one of the traditional Amsterdam pubs. In this way, Alex offers personal relevant content throughout the entire customer journey.

Gif Heineken case

The design

The renewed app had to exceed the expectations of the visitor in every possible way, including visually. Therefore, we focused on the design. Here was another challenge as the app is one of the first channels where the new branding of the Heineken Experience has been implemented. This branding descends from the so-recognizable dark green. Through a light interface with green elements, we were able to keep the design typical Heineken.

Prior to the development, a lot of research has been done into the app's structure and interface. As a result, it has been decided that the various features in the app should be more connected. The renewed app is built according to a new structure. App users now navigate through the app easily and immediately know what they can expect from the different functionalities.

The focus of the new structure - and thus the whole UX - lies on the entire user journey of a tourist visiting Amsterdam. Yet, this should not override the main features of the app, such as the audio tour. Therefore, when opening the app, these features are instantly displayed.

Img Heineken case 4 screens

The results

The app has become an extension of the Heineken Experience. Together with Heineken we are constantly looking for new opportunities in the field of interaction and personalization. Even more personal and more relevant to the visitor. In this way, the Heineken Experience app is part of all stages of their visit to Amsterdam.

"The renewed app helps us making more visitors fan of the Heineken® brand and contributes to an increased percentage of repeat visits. We really want to contribute to our visitor's journey, also outside the walls of our property. Amsterdam begins with Heineken Experience '' - Nanne van der Leer, Marketing and PR Manager at Heineken Experience.

  • The app was downloaded over 200.000 times.
  • The app is used by 6.000 people every month.

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