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What does the ultimate casino app look like? How can it provide a great user and visitor experience? And how do you develop it in such a way that it is solid and can evolve for years to come with changing needs from users and business? After all, then you have hit the jackpot! We are happy to tell you how we achieve this together with Holland Casino.

Holland Casino has been a client of M2mobi for several years now. When we started working for Holland Casino, there was already an existing Favorites app. At that time, it was decided not to build on the existing app, but to start over and develop from scratch. An important reason for this was that we would not be limited by the existing app, but had the freedom to add new features later in the process. In addition, maintenance with the new app would also take less time. And because we could start fresh, the app was immediately fully in line with the latest trends and technical standards.

This choice has enabled us to immediately make a major optimization step in both the user experience and the new connections that had to be made with the backend systems of Holland Casino. In addition to this technological aspect, the challenge also lay in translating the web design into a native app design. We developed a new mobile style guide with a focus on a perfect connection between the digital experience and the physical casino visit.

The challenge(s) for M2mobi

The base for the app is Holland Casino's loyalty and privilege program called: Favorites. So-called Favorites Card holders enjoy additional benefits, such as discounts at the bar or in the restaurant. The Holland Casino app offers users a personal environment where they always and everywhere have insight into their data, such as their current points balance and the number of casino visits. The number of casino visits determines the status (Welcome, Black, Platinum or Diamond) in the casino, and thus the benefits that the Favorites Card holder receives.

In addition, users can filter for all upcoming events at their preferred location. Location determination is also used to inform a user about the events of the nearest casino. Do users forget their Favorites Card while visiting the casino? No problem, the user's pass is included as a QR code in the app.

Holland Casino Favorites App | M2mobi


In addition to further developing the app, M2mobi has taken on a broader strategic role within Holland Casino. In concrete terms, this means that we support Holland Casino at three different levels:

  • Understanding
  • Discovery
  • Delivery

This three-pronged approach guarantees innovation, alignment with business objectives and user needs and a fast, constant delivery.

Werkwijze van M2mobi


This strategic layer aims to understand the motivations and insights of all stakeholders, both internally and externally, as a team, but above all to bring together a constant supply of new trends, developments, insights and concepts and to filter for potential and relevance. In this way we validate again and again how we can optimally align the app and other digital touchpoints with the business objectives and the wishes of the market.


Then it’s important to validate the new concepts first, to make sure that we do not waste valuable development time on features and updates that ultimately do not deliver the desired results. Through prototyping, user testing and user interviews we validate whether the new concepts actually add value for users and what the optimal UX and UI are. Are the results positive? Then the new epics and stories can go to the Delivery lane.


After validation, we will get to work to develop and release the new epics and user stories as quickly, as solidly and as future proof as possible.

Because this integration takes place on three levels, M2mobi is able to effectively combine business, user needs and technical possibilities. In other words, Viability, Feasibility & Usability: where these three come together, sustainable innovation takes place.

Duurzame innovatie - Science of design thinking.

Update: COVID-19

And then suddenly the whole world was turned upside down, with Holland Casino as one of the hit parties in the Netherlands. The focus on innovation shifted from getting more visitors to the casino to the need to allow visitors to enjoy a night out in a safe way. M2mobi designed and developed a number of features to possibly support a Corona-proof visit for guests.

Crowd tracker

We have implemented a crowd tracker to give users insight in advance and remotely into the (expected) crowds in their favorite casino. In this way we show the guests of Holland Casino that their welfare and safety come first and they can make an informed decision to visit the casino themselves.

Book time slots

The option to reserve time slots has also been added. This way, guests have the guarantee that they can visit their casino at their desired time and they do not have to worry whether the maximum number of people allowed in the casino is exceeded.

Crisis banner

Fast and clear communication is essential in situations of great importance or with high urgency. For this reason, we developed a special prominent crisis banner with which Holland Casino can inform its guests about important developments in a targeted manner.


Since the first version we developed, the app has now been downloaded more than 150,000 times and approximately 25,000 people actively use this app every month.

Would you like to take a gamble yourself? Pick up your Favorites card at one of the fourteen Holland Casino branches and download the Holland Casino Favorites app below to enjoy your personal benefits!

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