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Increase the involvement of panel members

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The Briefing

Kantar is an umbrella for many of the leading research and data brands. Well-known brands such as Kantar Millward Brown, Kantar TNS, Kantar Media and Kantar Worldpanel together provide the most complete insight into how consumers live, shop, vote, watch, tweet and more. Kantar is active in more than a hundred countries worldwide.

This complete insight is partly achieved by the panel groups within Kantar. A group of more than 200,000 respondents makes a large number of data available, such as sociodemographic characteristics, information about media consumption and even their surfing behavior on the internet. The panel members receive a reward for their cooperation.

Kantar wants to make it as easy as possible for its panel members to participate in market research. Filling in a questionnaire is a commonly used method. Kantar asked M2mobi to develop an app that makes completing these questionnaires even easier and more fun.

The Challenge

Panel members can complete the questionnaires via the Kantar website. However, this does not always make it user-friendly, for example if users want to complete the survey on the road, on the train or on the bus.

Completing the questionnaires should therefore be as easy as possible, at any time and at any place. But how? A mobile app should provide the answer to this. The challenge is to get the app so attractive that the panel members prefer its use over the use of the website.

The Solution

Ease of use was central during the development of the Android and iOS app. For that reason, onboarding has been made as quick and easy as possible. In just a few clicks, the respondents are registered and can get started. Users can immediately see in the app whether new questionnaires are available. In addition, the app keeps its users informed by a notification when, for example, a new survey is ready.

A second important aspect during development was that the panel members should prefer using the app over using the website. We managed to achieve this by adding a game element to the app. An extra encouragement. By completing the questionnaires, users save for NIPOints. When users have completed a questionnaire, they can turn the wheel in the app, with which they have a chance of doubling their points, for example. Kantar_Bedankt voor deelname In addition, the app helps in obtaining data for displacement research. The app offers an opt-in function for this. Location data is shared by participating in the displacement survey. The aim of this research is to provide information about the daily mobility of the Dutch population. This data is also used to determine the current Corona measures.

The Results

The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Together with Kantar we developed an app which makes participating in market research a lot more attractive for the panel members. The app has already been downloaded many times and is actively used on a monthly basis. In the meantime, we will of course continue to optimize the app to bring the results to a higher level every time.

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Stefan Smit
Stefan Smit