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The goal of this bank was to turn around the way we bank. Their name says it all: Knab is a palindrome of Bank. A young online bank founded in 2012 and convinced that things had to change in the financial world. Convinced that it is not all about banks and their products, but about the people who use them. This new way of banking also included an app. The M2mobi philosophy that the end user should be the centre of attention seamlessly ties in with that principle. We started working with an innovative design that suits a bank that wants to be innovative.

Besides the standard functionality such as checking your balance and transferring money, it offers a wealth of other features. The app is designed for easy use of the basics, but offers many additional useful extras for power users. Think, for example of a toggle that allows you to directly transfer interest received from your savings to your current account, a bar chart to clearly lay out your income and expenditure when the telephone is tilted. The app also comprises a financial dashboard and push messages with personalised financial tips.

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Stefan Smit
Stefan Smit