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After having successfully re-developed part of the mobile website for Telfort in 2014, we now got to work with telecommunications company KPN. Their assignment was simple: increase conversion.

As it concerns the residential part of their website, this KPN assignment is more complex than Telfort’s. That is why we have analysed the websites of national and international telecom providers first. What is effective, what is not, what is it that people are looking for, how can they make clear distinctions between the various packages? Each and all essential matters, but in the end ‘why should I choose KPN?’ is what we focussed on.

Based on this research we have made a new design in line with the brand new KPN corporate image. During the process the outcome of various user surveys was used to immediately fine-tune the design. The result is currently gradually being rolled out by builder Newcraft.

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Stefan Smit
Stefan Smit